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Closing The Gap (Between My Pecs)


My pecs aren't bad at all, but there's about a 1 inch gap all the way through the center, and therefore they don't really connect. How might I fix this, more incline benching? Thanks.


pick better parents.


a while back, i tried something different with cable flyes that helped bring my pecs together, but it might not work for everyone. instead of stopping the flye motion when my hands met in front of my body, i continued the motion so that my arms crossed over eachother. so i ended up with my right hand by left hip and by left hand by my right hip.

IMO the reason why it worked for me is because its simply a fuller range of motion than stopping the flye when your hands meet.

like i said, it worked for me, but may not work for everyone else, just give it a try and see what u think

  1. Make sure you don't roll your shoulders forward when pressing or doing flyes. It cuts down on the range of motion.

  2. When pressing, push inward with your hands while raising the bar. Widen your grip as well.


Chances are you're small and just need bigger pecs.


Genetics and likely having underdeveloped pecs are the most likely answers. If you are developed well, ie people know you work out and ask you often how much you bench then your genetics probably won't allow you to fill in that area. If people have to ask you if you workout then just get bigger, the gap will be smaller.


Also with the arms crossed over, try the cables down at the lowest setting from the top so that your starting with your hand at your side coming up and cross over...

Read that from
Charles Glass
Helps fill out the inner Pecs...
Takes time but is working for me



Alright thanks guys. I'll try some of those exercises... I really dont think its genetics tho, my dad had nice filled out ones (no gap) as well as my mom lol.


You may be able to make the muscle thicker and therefor make them look fuller, but you will not be able to change the insertion point of the chest muscle at the sternum, short of surgery.


Assuming this is not genetic related -

-Youngguns said cable crossovers with a greater ROM would help
-Inclide bench press (try both dumbell and barbell for some variation)
-Try and fill out your chest more to make it look as if the gap is smaller

 Just try hitting the chest at angles you don't normally hit.  Hopefully that does the trick, if not, your parents are to blame.


You silly people!

Concentrate on the inside of your chest by doing close grip bench press (index finger on smooth part of the bar) and using a full R.O.M.

Can we get a picture?


Hitting the inner fibers of the pecs is a little tricky as they run across the chest, not up and down. The only solution that I could think of is ripping your pecs off the sternum and re attaching them closer together.

I'd like to see a before and after pic of someone who claims to have filled the inner pec area.


Post a Pic... of your mom..



well, sure, this isnt the best angle and its about 2 months old but here ya go. you should see the gap in this pic, ill try to get a new pic tho, with a front view.


I was going to recommend the information half way through this article:


BUT - after looking at your picture you need heavy presses and lots of food.


food and lots of it


You just need a bigger all around chest. You don't have enough muscle at all to be worrying about the minute details or "bringing up" certain aspects of a muscle.


So just keep really pushing my workouts and eat more? I don't get how eating more will help =/...


Well, eating more is the most basic thing you can do to get bigger. I mean how will you grow if you don't take in extra mass?


So what more type of foods should I be eating? High protein? Low fat? Or what exactly..