Closing on 1st Home Today

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I’m on my 2nd house. The closing is quite exhausting with all the stuff you have to sign back and forth across the table.

The 1st thing we did was right after, went down the street and bought our dining room set and the next day all of our appliances. It was like Xmas less the bows.


part of the selling point of the house we decided to go with was all new appliances included. Samsung dishwasher, range, microwave, and big ass refrigerator. Real nice Kenmore washer and dryer. Probably almost $10k in appliances. Testy brought up my other thread where I was inquiring about making an offer on a foreclosure. When I made that thread we had already put an offer in on the house we just closed on which is literally the same house(two houses down) only they did a lot of work to it. The one we bought was $135k, the foreclosure was $112k. We decided to go with the more expensive one because it was move-in ready and requires absolutely no work and like I said the appliances were included.

In the end we are happy, probably would have saved some money with the foreclosure. But with 2 kids and my wife in nursing school and working and myself working afternoons it would have been pretty hard to do all the work ourselves at this point in our lives. I still have a lot of stuff I want to do myself, like make the garage really nice (epoxy paint floor) and pull up the carpet and install hardwood floors. Maybe add an addition onto the garage and have my home gym in there instead of the garage. I have lots of ideas. Thanks for the kind words everyone it really is awesome coming home to a home!


A house the needs work plus appliances can nickel and dime you to $27k before you blink, plus you have to do all the work and its not done when you move in. It sounds like you made a good call for your situation.


I concur. There are a lot of messed up houses out there that were not winterized properly after foreclosure. Especially after the brutal winter we just had.

My buddy just bought a foreclosure that is a fannie may owned house to rent to his kid. Just had an inspector show up and inform him it had lost it’s occupancy permit and must now be brought up to code.

It is a fifty year old house that doesn’t even have grounded outlets.