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Closing In On The Record?

Guys, I’m pretty sure I’ll eventually have the record for # of times with a broken nose.

Tonight while rolling, I broke my nose again. I’ve honestly lost count on how many times this makes but I’m guessing 6.

Tonight’s break wasn’t really that bad though. It bled and my nose is flatter, but I was able to keep rolling until the end of practice.

My question for you guys that have broken yours, did you go to the doctor and if so, what’d they do for it? I’ve actually had two surgeries to open up the air ways so I can breathe through my shnoz but I keep breaking it again, and again, and again.

The last time I broke it, they sent me home with pain killers and didn’t do shit. I don’t want to waste a trip to the ER for that. I can breathe through it now and it’s really not that bad, so should i just say fuck it and let it go, crooked, flat, swollen and all?

How in Gods name do you break your nose 6 damn times?

(exception for boxers and such)

I’ve broken mine 4 times. The first, I was in 1st grade and some idiot broke a tree limb over my nose. We went to the dr. that time and they sent me home. My nose has been forever crooked. The other times weren’t too bad, so I didn’t bother with doctors.

The dumbest was the last time, when I was a sophomore in college. I came back from happy hour and started banging out some ballistic EZ Curls (I don’t know why) in my dorm room (yeah, my roommate and I had a weight set in our room)

when, for some reason, I decided to look down to check out the pump or something, as I was bringing the bar up. BAM! Bar, meet nose, “how do you do?” The only thing I could do was stick some tissue up the nose and go out for more drinking.


[quote]rrjc5488 wrote:
How in Gods name do you break your nose 6 damn times?

(exception for boxers and such)[/quote]

A. Begin with an already big shnoz

B. Play contact sports, play tackle football with no pads, wrestle around, get way too drunk and fall flat on your face, and fight

If you need further info, I advise you to read “How to Break Your Nose 6 Damn Times: 2006 Edition”

I have only busted mine once, but it was a good one.

It took two doctors with two steel rods up my nose about a half hour to straighten it.

I couldn’t breathe out of one nostril for about 10 days until the physicians assistant picked all the dried blood out with giant tweezers.

Now it is back to normal.

Good times.

I’ve only broken mine one, with a kick to the face in Muay Thai. I left the dojo and went to the changing rooms to bleed into the sink while our teacher continued overseeing the class. After 10 mins or so he finally shows up and he said it looked as if they’d slaughtered a pig in the room. He grabbed my nose and straightened it out with a loud clonk. 30 secs later it came out of place with a hollow pop. After a few more attempts at putting it straight my teacher sent me to the ER.

Long story short: I walked around with a crooked nosee for 10 months before having surgery where they broke my nose, filed away all the missplaced bones and straightened it as well they could. I still required another surgery 6 months later to fully straighten it, but as I was now breathing OK and it wasn’t very crooked I decided against it.

Yeah Zap, kucking good times. Not!

I new a boxer who had it broken so many times (10 or so) that he got a flexible plastic nose-bridge inserted. His nose looked semi-normal, but he could press it and flatten it into his face. Very freaky, but useful when boxing.

Side note: I had a big nose too. After the op it actually looks smaller and better than it did before, so maybe that guy did me a favour by breaking it.