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Close to My Goals!


Bench 10 reps of 315
Squat 10 reps of 405
Deadlift 10 reps of 495

Bench 7 reps of 315
Squat 10 reps of 405, hit that today.
Deadlift 10 reps of 425

I feel my bench progress is stagnating, so I'm going to focus on shoulder press variations and high reps of 225 of bench for awhile to mix things up. Pretty excited about the squats. Deadlift, 425lbs was easy - and I never really considered going that high on DL (10 of 405 was always the goal) until today.

So far now I'm going to focus on the deadlifts.



Age: 24
Height: 6'3
Weight: 250
Location: Bagram, Afghanistan - so plenty of time to train


Those are some good looking stats, nice work!

Any vids?


Thats funny because I never think a video of that is worthy. But I think once I hit all 3 Ill film it.


very impressive, personally I wouldn't go to 225 for higher reps on the bench though, you may end up losing strength.


Illgixxer, what do you mean you may end up losing strength?


Just hit 10 reps of 495. But that last rep...practically straight-legged it, uhhhhhh.


A 70lb increase? Did you just start deadlifting?

EDIT: Just saw that you never really focused on DL's. But still, you must have threw around 405 if you got 495 today.


Yeah 405 has always been easy. But I always did squats before my deadlift, so this time I maxed fresh and felt great.