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Close to Ksman'a Protocol


After almost three years of on and off trial and error, I am getting closer and closer to adopting the protocol you set forth in this thread…

40mg Tcyp (eod)
250iu hcg (EOD)
.25 anastrozole (EOD)

So thankyou. But a few more questions if you don’t mind…

Should T, HCG, and AI be on same day? Or should one be on the alternating day? Right now I’m doing T and HCG on same day and AI on off day.

Any negative effect on thyroid and/or notric oxide from Anastrozole?

I know this thread isn’t for personal cases but if you could put your two cents in that would be great.



No significant advance to spreading things out. Take all three at the same time for simplicity.

Any negative effect on thyroid and/or notric oxide from Anastrozole?

  • the question is from left field. Where do you get such notions?


Can the liquidex be trusted?

The dosing in the product seems to be inconsistent.

This is your thread, anything goes.

Guys here have been using RC liquid anastrozole products for a decade.[quote=“JQ1, post:3, topic:204692”]
The dosing in the product seems to be inconsistent.

please explain, different bottles? lots? within same bottle? Are there solids setting out and you need to shake before dispensing?

Sounds good.

Same bottle RUI liquidex maybe I didn’t shake it enough. It crashed me on my regular dose.

After that incident I moved back to the tablets… However cutting those tiny things into eigths is an inexact science to say the least.

Thanks man.


Should liquidex from a company like RUI or Research Stop have the same half life and potency as pharmaceutical?

The only reason I ask is because I am an over responder to Anastrozole and labs show .125mg might be just right but honestly bro cutting those tabs is an inexact science and every .001mg seems to make a difference.


Many have used the RC products for years without dose integrity issues.

Have you made progress in getting E2 controlled?
Feeling better?

Ksman Thanku for responding.

I have moved to daily injections (25mg/day) and dropped the Adex all together.

I am what you would call an “over responder” even the tiniest dose seems to crush my libido.

I’m due for labs in a couple weeks.

I feel ok.

We had one guy who became stable at 1/8th mg/week anastrozole.
You may be a candidate for Aromasin.

"cutting those tabs is an inexact science"
You need to make a solution of the tablets in vodka and dispense by volume or by the drop. In your case, the solution can be weaker than the typical 1mg/ml.

Watch dose changes. Because of half-life effects, it takes 5-7 days at a constant dose for serum levels of the anastrozole to reach final levels. You cannot make fast dose changes. This changes T–>E2 production rates, then liver E2 clearance rates lead to a new E2 balance - another reason not to rush dose changes.

1/8 could be right for me on something like 50mg eod.

That could be perfect actually.

Hey Ksman,

You ever heard of guys running prop for trt?

I’ve tried propionate and like it. strong text

Protocol: 25mg cyp daily

Labs: TT 759 (249-936) FT 214 (30-150) E2 26 (standard)… Shbg (22)

Patient report: Dont feel great. No morning wood, weak erectile function. Workouts have been good. The ED is so frustrating man.

TRT is good. Could be something else.

What do we know about thyroid labs, iodine intake and body temperatures?

My standard answer is that all T esters are cleaved down to bio-identical T. So with frequent injections all esters will have steady T levels and there is not really an obvious reason for one to be better than another.


I like 100mg twice a week but am having a very difficult time dosing Anastrozole.

.125mg twice a week seems to be too much… .125mg e5d seems to not be enough.

Is strength of or lack of morning wood a good way to dose Anastrozole?

It seems that some weeks I need more and some weeks I need less pending other factors.

And the slightest adjustment with Adex seems to make a huge difference.

I’m very sensitive to the medication.

Do you have any advice for me?


Labwork after been on a steady Adex dose for 10 days.


I’ve been on .125mg Adex twice a week for almost two months now along with 100mg of Cyp twice a week.

However, it seems to make a big difference WHEN I take the AI. Can’t find that sweet spot.

I will get labs and report.

But Ksman, my e2 fluctuates a lot. Labs only pull from one moment in time.

Use a anastrozole solution and adjust dose by volume. You need to take at time of injections, E5D is wrong for you. Do not mess with frequency.


That’s really sound advice and I appreciate it.

I will stick with twice a week or else I’m dosing by feel or morning wood which can be stressful.

I do not like the liquid Anastrozole solution.

I’m wondering if there is any other way to proceed.

Protocol: 100mg Cyp (2x/wk) <.125mg Anastrozole 48 hours after T injection

Labs: TT 840 FT 226 E2 19 (Standard)

Patient Report: Still experiencing ups and downs with twice a week injections but think it has more to do with e2 than T.

Should I take AI 24 hours after injection as opposed to 48 hours post?

I’ve been taking less than .125mg Anastrozole I cannot be exact cutting these tabs and I do not react well to liquidex.


Other than convenience… Why do u say take AI at same time as T?