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Close to Average Strength?


I have been out of lifting for about 3 years. I was in the military and mostly did running and calisthenics. A couple of months ago I started lifting again and have made pretty decent progress. I weigh 210lbs at 5'10. I think my body fat is about 13% (I had it checked with calipers, but only a three point test). Here is were I am so far:

Bench 215
Squat 275
Dead 305

Bench 305
Squat 385
Dead 405

I know this is extremely weak for my size, but I am one of those people who could curl 20lb dumbbells and get 19 inch arms. It just sucks being bigger than some of the other guys and not just blowing them away on strength. I am using the WS4SB program slightly modified to fit my personal taste.

PS Sorry if this should have been in the beginner forum


What do you mean ‘average’?

I’d say you’re pretty strong, definitely stronger than the average person, probably even stronger than the average weight trained person, but probably weaker than the average intermediate powerlifter or bodybuilder. Did you post here because you want to get into powerlifting or something? In that case, yes you could work on all your lifts, but i wouldn’t be embarrassed about the level of strength you have and if i were you i wouldn’t hold back from competing if that’s what you want to do. In fact, if you put on knee wraps you’d add a fair bit to your squat straight away, and with some adrenalin from the comp you’ll beat your deadlift PR no worries.

It must suck being one of those people who can get 19 inch arms from curling 20lb dumbells. I feel very sorry for you, i’m sure you’ll get heaps of sympathy because of that terrible disability. :slight_smile:


Oh yeah, I get tons of sympathy. lol I don’t know if I will compete because where I live, we have nothing really. But I have become infatuated with power lifting. I boxed for a couple of years and now I don’t have that to do either. I am a pretty competitive person and power lifting seemed like a sport that you could train for no matter if you were able to compete right away or not. In boxing you have to have a coach and sparring partners.

But I can go to the gym with a few guys that don’t mind telling me when I am not pushing my butt back or arching my back enough and I have all the coaching and partners I need. Oh and yes I was meaning average for a power lifter type lifter. Thanks for the advice, I usually wear a belt but have not worn knee wraps. I’ll try that next workout.