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Close to 2 Years After SARMS Use, Still ED? Desperate

I don’t personally don’t have experience with it. I have heard many negatives with it.

I suppose if I was looking into it, and going to use it, I would micro dose it, and titrate up a bit if the micro dose didn’t work. Just to reduce chances of nasty sides.

What are the most common ones? I just don’t trust getting certain things like Cabergoline of HCG underground, you never really know what it is unless you have a home test kit. I try to get prescriptions for everything, but sometimes you have no choice. I am avoiding trying to self medicate since I think the SARMS messed me up in the first place.

Look up Greg Doucette’s videos on nandralone or tren. I think he goes into caber on those. I don’t remember off the top of my head.

HCG you can test to see if it is legit pretty easy. If it turns a pregnancy test positive, it has HCG in it. Concentration is harder to determine though.

I love Greg’s videos, learned a lot from him. I will look them up right now. Do you remember the title of the one where he mentions caber?

Can’t remember. He talks about it either in the his review or Tren or on Nandralone / Deca.

Found one directly talking about Prolactin and using Caber.

I didn’t use DECA or Tren thankfully, so idk why I would be effected in such way unless Rad140 has the same effects

Sounds good. I recommend looking at a few sources on info on any pharma you are potentially going to take. Drugs.com is a good resource. Look up a few well known drugs to see how they score too.

If it is me, I would look at something like Cialis too if you still have good libido and just ED. Cialis seems to be really well tolerated, and some get good results on 5 mg/day.

Understand your options, and understand the drawbacks for each.

Greg talked about Pramipexole, does work similar to Caber but can easily be obtained just has more risk to upset your stomach and the shelf life is a lot shorter. Have you ever used this?

Nope. I was just chiming in to remind you to do more research. I am not saying it is you, but someone will say on a forum to take X, and some just do it without further research.

Prami is known to be much worse than caber when it comes to short term side effects. If prolactin is high then you start with P5P. If that fails then you move on to the more serious stuff like dopamine agonists.

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Any specific supplement brand that helps best? Or any OTC P5P Supplement?

Any otc P5P is fine. Hell, you can get it on Amazon and have it in two days.