Close to 2 Years After SARMS Use, Still ED? Desperate

Hey guys I’m 35, nearing 2 years off the sarms, I’ve had ED and a knock down in sex drive since a 12 week cycle of rads 140 and lg4033, during the sarms cycle I noticed my sex drive had dropped but my erections were still pretty good, 18 months before that I’d used tren and test also for 10 weeks however I believe this issue is from the sarms. I completed a pct of clomid and nolvadex however went onto TRT for almost a year in the 60-100mg after coming off sarms at the 12 week mark when my dick didnt come back to normal, i figured thatd help but it did nothing.

Since then ive completed a PCT from the trt and come off, All my bloods are in the normal range, prolactin sometimes comes back on the higher end of the healthy range but still well within the range and other times its in the middle of the range and my test levels are on the lower end of the healthy range however during this time I’ve tried a year on TRT, had my test on the very top of the scale which didnt help, no anti estrogen usage besides the PCT which I completed about 4 months ago.

I can get erections however they’re half as strong as what they used to be, not just during sex but during alone time too. Barely watch porn, no real stresses that could be causing it. During this time I’ve had a full body checkup, bloods, organs, prostate, they did a doppler test on my dick with caverject which came back normal. Viagra/cialis/levitra help very very slightly, without them maybe I get a 5/10 erection quality, with them maybe a 6 even on the higher doses.

Some party weekend drug use in the past nothing IV, mostly cocaine and some amphetamines 5years ago, maybe a few lines coke every 6months now, alcohol maybe one night a month. Diets good

Anyone heard of anything like this? I’ve heard this happening to some people from tren/deca it can take them years of off time to find a normal with erections. Something in the brain?

All I take now currently is HGH 8 units M/W/F and that I started a month ago, no supps

Appreciate any help fellas id be lying if I said this didn’t make me crazy any tests anyone recommends? I’ve had full bloods, every test I can really think of and I’m getting a Catecholamines test done monday, then I’m basically outta ideas lads. Desperate.

Post up your most recent blood work if you would, please.

Hey thanks for the response, my bloods as of late june are

Thyroid stimulating hormone 1.8 MIU/L
Free thyroxine 16 pmol/l free
t3 5.5 pmol/l
serum cortisol 520 nmol/l
Vit D3 120nmol/l
Prolactin 196 miu/l
oestradial 73pmol/l
testosterone 12nmol/l
free test 251 pmol/l
shbg 32 nmol/l
dhea 4.1 umol/l (previous units 1500 ng/ml)

The only thing not in range in my blood count is my MCV which is sitting on 100, liver enzymes are a few points above the top of the range also however doc has said both of these is nothing to worry about and my rbc and haemoglobin are flat on the bottom of the very range also.

here were my bloods on trt, I came off everything at the end of march as my prolactin was high, however none of this made a difference to my erections during this time, dose was 60mg a week of cyp, then i upped it to 100mg a week which put me in the top range before I quit and ran nolva/clomid for 30 days.

Date 03/08/19 10/09/19 04/02/20 12/02/20 11/03/20
Time 08:47 09:23 08:22 08:09 08:16

PRL 266 265 532 mIU/L (< 300)
LH 5 4 3 IU/L (1-10)
FSH 1 1 2 IU/L (1-10)
E2 80 70 250 pmol/L (< 150)
Prog 1 nmol/L (< 3)
Testo. 11 14 19 12 34 nmol/L (10.0-33.0)
fTesto.c 252 1019 pmol/L (150-700)
SHBG 30 28 30 33 24 nmol/L (13-71)
FAI 38 50 65 38 143 (18-90)

Hey man! I just want to know how many MGs daily of Rad140/LGD were you using? I had similar issues at 30MG of Rad 12 weeks. Bouncing back a little bit I just discontinued test for a week after trying to do my own TRT then decided to just let me body do it after my planned PCT which I will start in the next 2 weeks. I don’t know jack about reading blood levels yet but ironyuppie appears to know his stuff so I’m excited for you for him to come and let you know if he sees any specific areas of concern. Like we were getting at on my thread, it could just be mental. I’ve began taking daily multivitamin, and vitamin D which have helped. I also increased my cardio and am trying to avoid foods high in fat. This has helped me bounce back a bit. I’ve had sex this whole week with no test shot, but today I noticed My erections are still not at 100%. Still a hell of a lot better than before though since before it was like 50% at best. Keep us updated brother, hang in there! I’m headed to recovery and another guy on my thread recovered so it’s not permanent man. Keep your head up.

Hey bro, I was taking 20mg rads but alongside 10mg lgd, thats good news mate I’m still stuck in the 50% range but when I think of it since I ran TRT I’ve really only been completely off 3months if I include the pct post trt so it could need more time

Im also taking HGH 3 days a week so hopefully that shouldn’t hinder things, from what I’ve read it should more help then anything but we will see, if I’m not seeing any recovery in a month I will drop that and stay completely clean till end of year.

That’s good news though, I’ve got vitamin D3 to try if it helps and also gonna grab a multi vitamin but my diets good, I’m taking just fish oil currently which cant hurt, I’m 35 now too so the recovery takes longer, you’ll get back to 100% mate just takes time, I’m at 50~% now but when I first came off trt I had times where I couldn’t get any kinda erection and it was scary as shit, full limp mode. I’ve been one where it always works even after a pub crawl and a bender but at 35 the recovery aint what it used to be I guess1

I’ve been on HGH for about 18 months now. For me, HGH helps with recovery, sleep, and DOMS but doesnt seem to affect ED or anything sexual.

Have you tried a cycle of Masteron? It may help you out in the libido/ED department.

I was thinking caber might help him too for libido where its a dopamine antagonist

Your rich bastard!! :joy: :joy: :joy:

Hardly! At 2 iu/day my cost is $3.40/day for UGL Chinese Generic

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I made the decision the other day to give it a trial run. Looking at 3iu/d for three months and then dialing back to 2iu for another three, then assessing how it’s going. Seems like it’s worth it from a quality of life standpoint.

@iron_yuppie Dude, you’re still a young buck. Gotta save some ammo for the 50+ years!

Did you ever look into the MK-677? I remember you were saying you were going to check it out? Curious if you found any negatives on it? I am still using it, but at 10 mg/night only.

For me personally, 5 iu/day seemed to be the number for fat loss. I ran that for about 90 days. Then I tapered it to 4, then 3 and now cruising at 2.

Really seems to help with recovery and I rarely get DOMS anymore.

Sounds about the same for me, I’m 5-6 weeks into HGH at 8 units M W F and that’s what I’m noticing also, improved skin complexion as well. I’m also less tired during the day, I’ll sleep 6-7 hours and wakeup refreshed.

I’m gonna give the AAS a break for the rest of the year cause I’m only 3.5 months since coming off the pct I ran for TRT, my body probably needs a good break to find some equilibrium

I’m at the point where my HCT just isn’t going to budge unless I keep dropping my trt and doing a blood letting a few times a year. So from here on out it’s really just primo and var for me. Since that’s the case I figured I’d get some of that sweet, sweet recovery benefit from GH, since I can’t get it from big test doses anymore.

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Decided the skip the MK and move right to the good stuff. No sense in waiting.

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Is high levels of prolactin the only case where a doctor will write a script for it? Or can bringing up libido issues assist in getting one?

Honestly not sure, I’ve never gotten a prescription for it. I just know it can help with libido

Do more research on it. It is a pretty serious drug. It can be helpful, but comes with it’s own negatives.

I did, and it seems like the side effects that come from just wanting to increase libido doesn’t seem worth it. Then again if you look at the bigger picture, a lot of things don’t. But everything is a risk.