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Close Stance ME Box Squat Rationale

Hey, I’m familiar with the recommendation that Box Squats when used on ME day should be performed with a shoulder width stance as opposed to the wider stance you’d use on DE Day. What I don’t know is the reason for this recommendation.

Is this to protect one’s hips, or is it something else? When I do ME box squats I don’t seem to feel comfortable switching to such a narrow stance because I’m so used to a wide one.

From Jim on Q&A

Question: What kind of stance do you take when performing max effort squats?
Answer: We almost always take a close or medium (shoulder width) stance. This allows for variety as we always use a wide stance on dynamic effort squat day. Also, this mimics the stance taken when performing a conventional deadlift. Using a close stance also lets the hips recuperate from the wider stance used on dynamic effort squat day.