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Close Stance Box Squats

Hi, my main DL stance is conventional so i thought it be a good idea to have close stance squats as my comp stance to get a better crossover but i’m not too sure about close stance squat technique.

  1. I’m i right in guessing that form is just the same as olympic squats? do my shins have to be perpendicular just like with wide stance?

  2. Do i sit back on to the box?

  3. Any other pointers would be good too

Thanks in advance

You’re not going to sit back with a close stance without falling arse over tit… So watch out for that!!

I just recently learned that the point of a box squat is to get the shins actually past perpendicular, making it a kind of full body leg curl type movement, or imagining your entire body as a bow and arrow, if your body had a string from your nose to your toes, you would be able to fire an imaginary arrow behind you.

doing this close stance is kind of tough, you are probably better off doing RDLs to get a similar narrow stance effect.

I have done them before and I have considered doing them again. A close stance box will simple not work the same way a wide stance box works. If you have medium to long legs, your knees will probably come forward, no matter how much you push them out on the way down.

Still sit back, but you will have to drive your knees out hard to compensate for the longer level.

If you do close box squats, the box needs to be higher than usual. You’ll get more out of it and your knees wont feel like shit when youre done.

I’m trying to find an article by Thibs about box squatting prior to back squatting to ramp up the CNS but can’t seem to find it.