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Close-Minded Liberals


Liberals are so intolerent and close-minded that most don't even know that other viewpoints exist. This is why anytime someone dares to disagree with Obama's policies they are labeled a racist, because there's no possible way someone could have a different, legitimate opinion.



Instead of Liberal put Progressives.


Your sweeping generalizations speak of a much greater close-mindedness than that which you accuse me of having.

I would gladly accepts all the preachings of the Grand Old Party if they could be supported by more than the sensationalism that is peddled here.


its not that progressives dont know that other view points exist, its just that they are so enamered by themselves and feel that they are so enlightened and logical, that to deny what they are saying must have roots in racism or something else that is rooted ignorance, greed, or envy.

that would probably be a better start


Yeah that sounds about right.


Anyone can be blinded by their own beliefs, there's plenty of people on both sides gulty of that.


Yeah I agree with Erik. As a conservative myself, I can recognize that there is plenty of this to go around.

And where does one's opinions, values and ideologies stop and intolerant close mindedness begin?

borrek says things all the time that I fundamentally disagree with. I may pose a debate on the topic and make my case. Most of the time borrek comes back and makes the liberal side of the argument. At this point I don't say to myself, "That damn borrek! He doesn't agree with me so he is intolerant and close minded!" I just accept that that is his opinion and that's that.

So where does one stop and the other begin?

It just seems like right now we happen to have a lot of examples of what you are talking about because we have a liberal democrat in the White House. But the same thing was going on when we had a conservative Republican in office, just roles were reversed.

And OP, my point isn't to suggest that you are wrong. There are a lot of intolerant, close minded liberals...and they make me want to pull my hair out. But conservatives can be quite close minded when they want to be...


Not trying to make a "sweeping generalization," but just like conservatives like GWB should be criticized for expanding government, liberals should be criticized for being intolerent.

Honestly, can you say that modern liberalism accepts different views?


I don't think liberals have the market cornered on closed-mindedness.

That in itself is pretty closed-minded thing to say, no?

If a stubborn former liberal like myself can be converted from the dark-side anyone can be.


My main problem with libs is that they preach tolerence while spewing hate anytime you don't agree 100% with them. They are just as hipocritical as anti-gay republicans who get caught jerking off guys in bathrooms


Yeah and many conservatives preach love of Jesus while spewing hate anytime one doesn't agree with them, especially concerning US foreign policy.

You should have just called this thread "Closed Minded People."

Let's face it, when most people are convinced they are right they do not want to confront the possibility that they might not be. That's just ego fucking with us.


I'm still trying to understand why you keep using such broad generalizations as you try to make a case for ALL libs being intolerant hypocrites.


Can you say that all modern conservatives accept different views?

I see close-mindedness on both sides. If you find yourself categorically criticizing an entire class of people, while failing to acknowledge the same entrenchment in your own perspective, you are probably guilty of some close-mindedness yourself.


Both sides are guilty, but I do think it is fair to highlight that the Left suffers the additional wage of hypocrisy for being such unalloyed supporters and preachers of "open mindedness" while doing so little to practice what they preach.

Years ago, I noted this scenario:

-Walk down the street in San Francisco with a "Bush 04" t-shirt on in 2004
-Walk down the street in Birmingham, Alabama or Willis, Texas in a "Kerry 04" t-shirt in 2004

In which scenario do you think the most inappropriate, partisan, hateful, and intolerant responses to your t-shirt would occur the most?


You've actually been to Willis,TX? I'm so sorry.


Conservatives are guilty as well, but not to the same extent as liberals. And to be honest, libs in the white house and congress kinda puts them in the crosshairs for the time being


I'm not saying ALL libs, and you know that. I'm saying A LOT of libs


Actually,you're only now saying that...but thanks for clearing that up.


Where is your evidence that conservatives are more open-minded than liberals?

When GWB was in the White House and republicans dominated congress, did you make a similar thread criticizing the close-mindedness of conservatives?

Honestly, this thread just seems like an attack on liberals. The truth is that your criticism applies equally to some (not all) people from both parties.


I've actually had this debate with my friend, and we pretty much concur it comes down to this:

Extremists on both sides are almost completely close minded. However, extreme liberals are more annoying because of their bitchy and whiny demeanor, whereas extreme conservatives come off as assholes. Therefore, while both are about equally close-minded, extreme conservatives are more fun to deal with.

Feel free to agree/disagree.