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Close Grip Bench Variations


Hey guys, when doing close grip benchpresses do arch your back, retract and pull your shoulder blades down like in a regular benchpress. Personally I dont feel the nessasarity because your are working with your elbows tucked so much in. But yet i dont know if im wrong ? whats your opinion :slightly_smiling:


Sometimes I do exactly like I would in a competition bench press. The whole arch, tuck etc only I put a finger on the smooth instead of my ring finger on the rings. Sometimes I just lay there like a gym rat and press. Do them all. The all have their place. It's an accessory movement so there is really nom wrong way in my humble opinion.
I'm a huge fan of heavy board presses to beat up the tris. Plus handling heavier weights than you can get off your chest makes the regular bench seem light. 3,4,5 board works best for me. Another great move is the good ol floor press and the close grip variation, if you're really a glutten for punishment add some chains...brutal but fun.

Hope this helps D


I get really heavy on close grip and use a finger edge on the inside curling grip, its a bit close compared to what I see most people do, but it has been effective for me thus far, although a bit rough on the wrists.

Heavy close grip will make your numbers climb quickly.


x2. Floor press with chains is sweetness. My tri's and bench have transformed since adding those to my regimen


Thanks for your replys guys, i am going to try the closegrip floorpress :slight_smile:


Are you and SD talking about it being good for raw or geared or both?


95% of my benching is done raw because I hate my Katana.

Floor presses are a great starting strength movement, as are dead benches which is ideal for any pressing style because even with a shirt, the weight doesn't lift itself.


Im not sure which way SD is talking about but its been great for me raw. Ive seen some do it geared yrs ago and thought that it could probably benefit me. I was right. Helped with my lockout tremendously.