Close Grip Bench Press

Can I replace close grip bench press with dumbbell presses?

I work out alone, so I don’t have ready access to a spotter. Plus, it’s a pain to ask a person to spot me, as it eats into my time.

Close Grip bench press is an excercise that none can really replace…BUT you can do dips and add weight to yourself to make it harder…you can do floor press with dbs, or even a racked close grip just so u can nail those triceps without the use of a spotter, not as good as a full close grip bench, but racking it and doing it in a power rack will help…

you can also take 2 dumbells and keep them together as u press them, if you have hex dbs or squared up rubber dbs that will help, doing that with circular dbs is veryy difficult and honestly ive never tried…you can also do diamond pushups and add weight to yourself with a weighted vest…

just try to be creative and there is something out there that will help…but id try my best to fit close grip bench into your workout even if u have to ask a member around you for a spot…good luck bro

well it depend on what youre goal is.I do close grip bench to target my tris so i dont think doing them with dumbells would be as effective.

I feel that Neutral-Grip DB Bench Press is a very adequate replacement. Dips as well but yeah the other suggestions here are good ones as well. You need a spotter either really if you are doing reps.

I know everyone here hates the smith machine but in this case i find if i don’t have a spot it works perfectly. Just lay a bench under it and set the stops above chest level, also its not as effective because you don’t have to stabalize the weight but you can really grind them out.