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Close Grip Bench Press

When I perform CGBP for tri’s I cant but help flaring out my elbows as I endeavour to push the reps up instead of keeping them tucked into my side. However the other day I did reverse grip CGBP and found it nigh on impossible to anything but keep my elbows tucked in. Will doing them this way still be working the triceps as effectively as the standard way?

The hand position is irrelevant to tricep muscle action or recruitment. As you found out, it can help keep your upper arm/elbows in a more optimum postion to perform the execrise.

Tons of people will come on here and tell you hand position (as it relates pronation/suppination) affects the tricep, but it doesn’t. It wil effect the bicep, but that is a different story. If the reverse grip helps you keep the elbow placement you want, then by all means ustilize it.

I have never tried this, and dont have a bench to try it on, but wouldnt reverse grip bench presses be VERY dangerous??
Hell… just the visualization in my head of what a weak grip that would be would make me not try it even if I had the capabilities to do so.

Also I have done close grip bench press before and I could totally feal it more in my triceps. When I go wide, I can feel it more under my arm pit and in my front delt.

What are you talking about dude!?
Can you please expand on your thoughts.