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Close grip bench press..

I have been wanting to add some size to my triceps and have for a few weeks now ceased all isolation movements and just stuck to dips and closegrip bench. Have seen a little growth but I have long arms and makes closegrip presses a bit of a problem. Doing them on a flat bench, keeping my elbows in, and hands about 6-8 inches apart…I feel it a little in my tries but mostly my inner chest. I have tried decline closegrip with a little more success. Is just doing them decline good enough and if not what am I doing wrong??If you need to know weights, I can say my tries are my weak point…I can flat bench 275lb. for 8-10 reps with proper form and a slow controlled movement but my close grip is in the 185-195lb range.Thanks

Try them like Chad Waterbury recommended in his t-mag column. Do them in a rack with the pins set high. Basically you’re just doing a partial, pushing the last few inches only, just the lockout. Go really heavy and you’ll grow!

That’s a VERY close grip. Put your ring fingers on the edge of the smooth. Make sure you’re bringing the bar low on your chest. You could try board work as well.

Not ring fingers, index fingers on smooth. My bad.

Good choice in picking CGB’s for your bread-and-butter exercise for tris. I put on the most meat using this exercise.

I would have to agree and say your grip is a little too close. Try placing your hands just barely inside shoulder-width grip. Also, try placing your thumbs over the bar, instead of AROUND it. This might give you a different feel.

Never flare out your elbows. We normally don’t do this on purpose, but our elbows sometimes fall that way with the heavy weight we use. If all else fails, use lighter weight and FEEL the tris work HARD before adding on the poundage.