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Close Grip Bench FSL

I am thinking about doing the following FSL for 5/3/1 Bench,
but using a close grip bench style. (% are based on regular bench)

1st week 3x8@65%
2nd week 4x6@70%
3rd week 5x5@75%

This keeps the volume the same, but increases intensity each week.

Do you think doing it close-grip style will make it too intense in my later cycles?

I’m primarily doing this because I feel like my triceps are a weak point in my bench
and I think that this is probably the best way to fix this with the 5/3/1 programming.

Give it a shot and report back with results.

Use a percent off of your close grip bench. If you use a TM for your comp bench, it may be a true max, and not a TM. If you don’t know your max on close grip, hit a 3RM, and use a calculator. Make sure each of those 3 reps is to a standard you are okay with.

Re-evaluate your TM for your competition bench for the next cycle you do in which you plan to bench wider.