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Close Grip Bench For Triceps, Long Arms and Delt/Chest Dominant

Hello Christian,
I have a quick question on the close grip bench press to target the triceps…

What variation works best (Decline, Incline, Flat) or (Boards 2, 3, 4, 5) for someone with long arms and a dominant chest (large ribcage) and also front delts?

Ive found doing the close grip bench press on a flat bench I feel it hard in my chest/front delts but not in my triceps…

What would you recommend works best for my body type for optimal triceps activation?

Thank you,
Henri Lamer

A slight decline would work best. I would also suggest post-fatigue partials reps. For example.

Decline close-grip bench press
4-6 full reps followed by as many top half partials as possible followed by as many top quarter partials as possible.

Might look something like this:

5 full reps + 4 top half partials + 2 top quarter partials

You could even use a rest/pause approach

Full reps / rack the bar, rest 15-20 seconds / top half partials / rack the bar, rest 15-20 sec/ top quarter partials

That later option would be the best one

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Thank you Christian for the reply…

That looks like a great plan to follow looking forward to doing it…

Just finally as a matter of interest, why is the decline position in terms of hitting the triceps best for my body structure, does it take out the front delts and chest because its a shorter range of motion?

Thanks for the help
Henri Lamer

It takes the front out because of the angle: the front delts are not in a strong mechanical position. The chest still works hard and from experience it does lead to a stronger triceps contraction because in the range of motion where the delts normally take over, the triceps must compensate

Hello Christian,
Ok that makes sense.

Thank you for the help

Henri Lamer