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Close Grip Bench Beats Normal Bench


So, I decided to see how many reps i could push with the same amount of weight on, normal bench press, and my close grip.. Weird enough, I could do 3 reps in normal BP, but i could do 7 in close grip. Is this normal?

No, I don't train my trices more than my chest, actually I have less exersises for them than my chest.

Any idea?


did you do that back to back and did you do the close grip first?


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i did the close grip first.


That may be why, you did them back to back. Perhaps your triceps were already fatigued from the close grip before you tried regular grip.

My close grip bench used to not be too far away from my regular bench. My regular bench was still focusing too much on my triceps, so I decided to switch to a wider grip to hit my chest.


Yeah, but my lst training session i hd the same amount of reps, withput doing close grip first. Btw, I'm tall guy with long arms, so a wider grip to hit my chest even more, isn't posible:(


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Close grip bench forces you to push with your lats.

If you use powerlifting form (elbows in) on regular bench you could do this same thing.

I'm guessing your bench form is limiting how much you can push.


Just upping this because I have a similar problem; my shoulder-width grip bench press is the same as wider (normal) grip. I feel like I should be getting more out of a wider grip. I have a healthy arch and leg drive, for the record. Nothing too crazy because my main goal is looks and not records, but I don't think that's where I might be having a problem with form. How can I get more out of my wide-grip bench?


At what portion of the lift do you fail?
If you can't lock it out then you might need more triceps-focused assistance work.


The wider your grip the more emphasis on the pecs alone and yes is harder for most. The closer the grip stress more spread out to pecs, triceps, delts, and lats, hence more power. Close grips are a good finisher after you've annihilated the chest with other movements. Or as a starter with heavy heavy weight.



I fail a couple of inches off the bottom.

Dedicated, my chest is hardly activated on the close grip bench press, it's pretty much all tris..


maybe you had a bad day. In my school I think that the weight is off by a little. It could be the same thing for you. Also it could be what you ate. Did you eat enough carbs etc.


Maybe some heavy DB presses to bring your chest up.

When I first started I focused on DB bench rather than BB. So basically I have the opposite problem on BB bench. My pecs are stronger proportionally than my tris are. Hence my sticking point is just before extension to lock-out.


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