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Close Grip Bench and Close Grip Chins


when doing close grip bench press it hits triceps
but does this count as a chest or tricep movement?
or both?
same with close grip chin ups
I hear it hits biceps hard
but does it count for back as well?
im currently doing 16 sets in total for chest an back
I wanted to incorporate close grip chin ups for bicep work after back
but would this count as both bicep an back work?
same with chest I put close grip bench press but does this count as a chest movement or tricep?
im really confused
I dont wanna go over 16 sets for chest an back
so not sure if adding these 2 exercises adds more sets to my chest and back
any opinions?


stop being a bitch, do a shit load of close grip presses one day and see whats sore the next. then do a shit load of neutral chins and see whats sore the next fucking day you slacking peice of shit i dont wanna do more than 16 pathetic sets a muscle group


ummm yea cause its overtraining for me asshole
stop being ignorant,
I did 20 sets before an thats not good for me
16 is right where im at
god your stupid
an close grip bench press alone wouldnt get me sore
an i do chest with triceps so obviously my chest an tris are gonna be sore
so in easy words for you to understand
that.....wouldnt....work....you get that?
teach that in high school?
k well thank you for the response but need a little bit more of an educated answer alright big guy?


Hey there my brotha

Can you do you close grip benching off pins? That will elimibate the chest from the movement so you won't have to worry about this.

You will use heavier weight too and that'll lead to better tri development

Anytime I do regular close grip pressing my chest is hit hard..that's what prompted me to try pin presses. I didn't want to do a regular press then come back and do the same thing with a narrow grip.

Can't help on pull ups...don't do them.


forum may I please get an educated response from someone who actually knows an is fit
cause I just went through the last posters pics an hes just a kid explains alot
but all I wanna know is if close grip bench press targets triceps an doesnt count for chest
same for close grip pull ups does it target biceps an not count towards a back set
thats really all I wanna know
im pretty confused with it all
if it does count as both then I have to drop it cause i'll be overtrained doing more than 16 sets


You received an educated response. Go to the gym and try it. Don't be pedantic when it comes to bodybuilding theory.


well guess so, I've been trying it
but not long enough to see huge difference
suppose i'll keep at it this next 6-8 weeks an see how it goes


what do you mean you havent been doing it long enough?

up your volume on a given day with those exercises - something like 10x10 with a moderate weight - then see what muscles are sore the next day or two... it should only take 1 session to determine


close grip bench will hit both your tris and your chest but it is tipically used as a tricep exercise. You aren't going to get the same stimulation to your chest as doing regular bench so a set of cgbp won't hit your chest as much as regular bench so I wouldn't count a set of cgbp as having worked both chest and tricep. Do you follow?


wtf dude


just did some close grip bench today for my arm day.. for the close grip, i'd say i would NOT count it as a chest exercise if you are doing it correctly, elbows tucked in throughout the motion. That is my personal opinion. Yes, it obviously requires your chest to do a little work, but it should not serve as a chest exercise. I've never gotten a sore chest from it.

Close grip chinups will work your back, if you focus on form and "pause" at the top. if you pinch your shoulder blades at the top of the movement i could see it giving your back a decent workout. But as with the close grip bench, i would not suggest replacing your standard back exercise, such as pull-up or wide grip pullup with a close grip if youre trying to hit your back. both the wide and standard grip blast your biceps as well as your back, so why not do one of those?

in summary, ADDING them to a chest or back day would be fine, but if that comes at the cost of removing chest and back focused work, i would not recommend it. OF COURSE, that is in my humble opinion in what i have personally seen in my work at the gym. someone may post below me and refute me claims, dont be mad :slight_smile:


YES!!!! this is exactly what I wanted just some reasurance
thank you, thats it!!
so doing close grip bench press is more counted towards a tricep exercise an not towards a chest movement
as you said it doesnt hit the chest nearly as hard as doing bench press
thank you, great explanation to it as well :slightly_smiling:


well I was going to keep wide pull ups an the neutral grip pull ups
I just wanted to add close grip chin ups as bicep work, end of my back workout
an not count it as back
but if it hits back I might not incorporate it in my workout
an yes I'll keep close grip bench press as the last post said it doesnt hit chest nearly as hard to be counted as a chest set
thanks for the great info guys


LMAO i know I laughed when this kid posted that
wtf is right, hes got that dumbbell stuck up his ass


if youre already doing neutral and wides... personally, i would not throw in closegrip on top of those two, although, i do not know what the rest of your back day looks like

Just recently, the last 3 weeks, i've separated arms, and a little shoulder work, into an entire day of their own. It's been magical. I feel as though when i try to throw in tri and bi work on chest or back day, my arms and grip strength are already shot and my form suffers. may want to consider that if you can work it into your split. im lovin it


well i might not incorporate close grip chin ups into my workout
it might be too much like you said
I just thought maybe it was okay to do 2 sets weighted end of my back workout as bicep work
cause I cant curl shit end of my back workout
I do direct bicep work with shoulders on saturday
I hit back wednesday
an yes I have tried bicep/triceps together
however its a huge price to pay, maybe you recover faster
but im sore for 3 days straight when hitting arms together
my triceps after chest is okay I dont feel wasted
but biceps after back I cant curl shit


Your body can use muscles in a different way than another person might. Usually close grip bench gets triceps way more... but how close of a grip are you doing? Are your elbows tucked? How much?

Rather than answering those questions and getting a response on here, you should answer your question for yourself (imo)

Try doing the exercises and feel what is being worked. You shouldn't need to do 10 sets and destroy yourself. Just try doing them as your first exercises and feel it right then and there. Then you will really know


Lol at OP not thinking Rockula is a good source of info

Lol at the second post going ape shit over nothing

To the question

What you do with this info i dont really care you disrespected my boy here

close grip bench is best IMO with a chest and triceps day at the end of the chest portion, or before flys if you do them

close grip chinups are good on a back and biceps day, imo at the end of the back portion

Brian Dobson from metroflex gym does them like that.

oh and LOL at the overtraining after 16 sets


OP doesn't even want actual information just confirmation of his own beliefs


Sorry guys but seriously youve never just done a workout with a new exercise hard enough to see what it made sore? Liek overhead extensions, o shit next day my upper tricep is sore, interesting. Arnold has talked alot about doing this back in the day, as many people do each exercise differently how are we supposed to know what CGBP will hit for you? Lol at me going bat shit yeah, and seriously if u do 16 hard sets of close grip, and youre not sore, grow the fuck up/