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Close Family Friend Found Dead


Close friend of the family and my dad's best friend was found outside by his car this morning dead of a gunshot wound.

We don't know if it was suicide or murder yet....all I know is it is fucked up.


The world takes the most unexpected turns.

Sorry to hear'.


Sorry man...hope you get answers.


Terrible. I'm terribly sorry.
Suicide and murder each - different things and each different than natural causes to dwal with emotionally.

I'm sure you'll be there for your Dad.


My dad died back when I was 11. The only thing I have left of my dad outside of my family was him and another one of my dad's friend.


Terrible! If this family friend had a family of his own... perhaps ir is them you are meant to be there for.
So sorry!


Just found out today he committed suicide.


Awful... sorry to hear that.

Any idea why? Depression?


Sorry to hear that man. One of my friends from high school just killed himself on Sunday. It sucks because nobody had any idea that he was even depressed.


Wrong thread, sorry...


Very sorry to hear that. Condolences.


maybe someone started a thread on a message board about him being SEAL Team 6's next target? did he recently perform any Nirvana covers?


Not cool.


what? i thought joking about people getting killed was funny...




We had no idea he was depressed either, was always a very happy guy.


Has been separated from his wife for a while now, and his job(was a postal worker) had him working every single day is what we think.

It is crazy to think a guy who retired from the army as a lt. colonel and was/is Ranger would do something like that.


just ball-busting...sorry for your loss


On the way back from the Funeral today got a call... A good friend hung himself last night.


sorry to hear that Jhon.

My best wishes to you and his family.


sorry to hear about your other friend who also died.