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Clomiphene Success vs TRT?

Hey everyone,

First post here.

I’ve read all the past posts on clomiphene citrate, and I was just wondering (since it’s been a while since the last), if there are any new clomiphene success stories?

I’m 38, and I’ve struggled with low T for years (the usual - no sex drive, no hard-ons, lethargy, depression), even though I do everything by the book. I eat well, exercise, meditate daily, etc.

I’ve been on clomiphene for a little over 1 week (25 mg a day), and I’ve seen quite a big improvement in my mood and libido.

The issue is, I am nowhere near the clarity of mind and general well-being that I was at for a week after first (and only) testosterone (250 ml) shot. Despite the mood and libido increase for clomiphene, the lethargy, joint pain, etc. remains.

Also, I’m feeling like I might be having a few sides with clomiphene already (night sweats, dry eyes, and pain in the nuts).

Basically, I just want to feel my best. I was wanting to avoid testosterone because the lifelong commitment kinda freaks me out (I also travel a lot, which could be a bitch with it).

But if I need to, I’ll just jump on it again. My first was a shot my doc suggested I try.

Total T bloods over the years have ranged from 330 at the lowest to 606 at the highest, with about 450 being the average. I feel the clomiphene has definitely raised it, even though I’ve not had bloodwork yet.

Thanks for taking the time to read this

I actually did very well on Clomid. A lot of guys will say the sides are bad and this and that and for some I’m sure they are but a lot of guys can’t seem to manage their regular trt either. I personally think people come on certain boards and read about all these sides so they think they have them too. If you look at the common denominator on most boards it’s anxiety and that’s a powerful thing. Clomid put my T from 270 to anywhere between 720 and 850. I think 25mg every day is a lot. I did 25 every other. It did take a couple months for the mental clarity to come but it did. I ended up switching to test c after really thinking about it. I figured if it was going to be a lifelong thing that we didn’t really know the long term effects of Clomid and T seemed a bit more natural. For me it was T is low so replace with T not another chemical. If you’re worried about traveling with T I would say don’t. I travel a ton for work all around the world and have never had a problem. Certain countries ask you to declare it on your arrivals card which I have and they have never even checked. If you really want to give Clomid a try I would say give it a few months and stay off the internet and try to judge how you really feel not what you read somewhere.


It likely won’t last, the ride almost always comes to an end. Clomid success stories are rare around any of these forums.

I notice you mention Total T numbers, Total T isn’t bioavailable, focus on the free portion of testosterone, Free T.

So your doctors gave you one massive infrequent injection of 250mg shot, that doesn’t sound good at all. I wouldn’t expect good results in everyone injecting massive doses once per week.

If your SHBG was never considered, time to find a new doctor asap!

Thanks Em2510 - that was a super helpful reply!

systemlord. Yeah for sure. The doctor was actually really good. Funnily enough I’m in Thailand and she is better than the 6 doctors in Australia that I’ve seen over the years. She did tell me to expect a high and a crash. I know that I’d need to be on TRT consistently to see results. But yeah just the travel worries me a bit, and also the HCG shots every couple of days. I will stick on clomiphene I think for the next couple of weeks to see how I go first.

Don’t overthink the travel part of it. Like I said I’ve been all over the world and to a lot of countries with strict laws like the Middle East and never had a problem. I don’t take my hcg when I travel. If you do stay with Clomid I would go to every other day. Just try not to overthink the whole process. Way too many guys over think everything and that’s why they never seem to have it figured out. This place can be a great source of information but remember for every guy who tells you something won’t work or is having problems there are 10 guys going about life and not posting on forums because their protocol is working.


Give enclomiphene a try - it’s clomid without the zuclomiphene which is the cause of the negative sides of clomid. You can get it on research chemical sites. Works excellent. It may be what you are looking for in terms of maximizing your bodies natural levels all around. Plus I threw in some pregnenolone and the synergy works great with some DIM to keep things in check. Never felt better. Not even on TRT. You feel more like a better version of yourself rather than a completely different person like TRT used to make me feel.


Interesting. Did they check your prescription/bag or did you just go through?

Yeah bam, that’s awesome advice.

Nice man, this is the second time I’ve heard this. Any reputable sellers that you know and can share?

@mervt How has the Clomid worked for you? Have you obtained relief from your symptoms or at least had your levels retested to see if they have been raised?