hey guys i’m going to be taking clomid soon, i’ve read the anabolics books and did some research on it but never found the whole “getting emotional” part of it…this is my first post, i take advice and opinions well so let me have it…should i expect some emotional problem with it?

thanks a lot guys…i love reading and learning about all your comments/arguments and posts…never talked to anybody yet though. lol
thanks again…

Hard to tell, you might have those issues, might not. Must taper off.

Ditto… The first time I tried it, I hadn’t heard of the emotional sides, but I felt sympathy for everybody, even thought about having kids. It may not happen to ya, but it seems common, just read a T-Nation article if ya feel “girly”.

taper off?..i’m buying 30 pills…i’m assuming one pill per day, how should i take them…i’ll buy more if needed…thanks for the info…i’ve never had any problems with feeling emotional before with other products…thanks again…

haha yeah, one of TC’s articles and it should give me a test spike to make me feel less “girly” lol
thanks a lot man…

[quote]KSman wrote:
Hard to tell, you might have those issues, might not. Must taper off.[/quote]

How would you set up the taper? Haven’t heard of this, but maybe just didn’t notice in previous discussions. Would you taper Nolva as well?

Check this out: