Just got 30 tabs of clomid from Mex ,and just wanted to no a few things before i take them. First of all im a natural bodybuilder but considering trying a couple of 2on/4 off cycles. would taking 25mg of clomid have any benifit for a natural athlete tring to harden up ,and or a steroid taking athlete trying to recover post cycle ,or is 50mg the only recommended dosage .My hope is that 25mg/day will anable me to harden up over 8weeks for my last natural comp before taking the plunge into the dark side. Any comments would be greatly appreciated.

You’re wasting your time with 25mg of Clomid and nothing
else. The impact of this wil be nil.

And if you use Clomid, you are not a natural athlete


You are wasting your time, the only thing clomid will do for you is make your spoo thicker! Nolvadex may make you a little leaner though, according to Dan Duchaine. He claimed he was leaner while using nolvadex on its own.

Ive tried nolvadex before at 10mg a day and like duchaine said you do notice a considerable fat loss and muscle hardness ,probably due to less circulating estrogen.I read a thread on another board discussing how a few guys notice they get leaner while taking clomid ,worth a try yes/no.??

I thought I noticed a slight improvement in fat loss while clean of the juice and using Clomid 50 mg/day long term. BUT, the apparent effect was slight enough that I am not certain it was real. Nor can I tell from results of others
whether there is anything real going on.

Clomid is antiestrogenic in fat tissue, but, keep in mind
as I’ve said before that there are a lot of pro bb’ers using aromatizing steroids
who totally cut up while having estrogen levels higher
than a pregnant cow… Estrogen does play a role but
relative to other factors in fat loss, it’s not the whole
story by any means.

For a natural athlete doing nothing else but Clomid at 25 mg/day, at most you will get an effect which is much
less than what most fat loss legal supplements will do.
As an addition on top of everything else that might help,
it may give a slight edge, certainly no more than a moderate edge.