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Hi there! Im starting my 3 week sustanon cycle in a few days. Im going to use clomid, but i need to know dosages and when i shal take it! (before? after? all the time im on?) Please help me on this!
(and also; how much sustanon do you recomend for a 82kg (170 ibs) guy, who have used d-bol two times before?)

Martin, from my experience, two tabs a day would be good. One first thing in the morning, and one before you go to bed at night. I would advise staying on for the duration of the three weeks on sust, plus one extra week. This is the best way to avoid testicular atrophy.( Note: do not count the extra week on clomid in your off period, as it on its own can be hard on the liver) I prefer to take clomiphene with something already in my stomach, to avoid gastric disturbances. Good luck in your training.

If you are going to use sustanon for three week. Use 2 cc’s a week of sustanon and 50 mg of clomid every other day. Start clomid between week five and six. You will be wasting your clomid if you start any sooner. The testosterone level from the sustanon will cause inhibition of the HPT axis for at least two weeks or more after the last injection. Take two clomid in diveded doses for the fist week and take one clomid the next week or until the HPTA is fully online.

  1. He said he was going to be doing a 3 week cycle.
  2. Clomid is not harsh on the liver. It can be taken for a year with no harmful effects.
    I don’t think Sustanton is a good idea. It’s got Test Undecanoate in it a very long lasting ester of test. Propianate or suspension would be a better one.

Why the hell are you only doing a three week cycle of sust? It will take week to ten days just to get in your system.