What is the easiest way to get Clomid without having to go to my doctor and explain why I need it?

Take a trip to Mexico. You can buy it without a prescription at the mexican pharmacies.

Ok, what’s the easiest way if I live in Nebraska?

There are many web sites that will sell you clomid without a prescription. Supposedly you can order 90 days for personal use without a prescription – although you may want to check with a lawyer first to make sure.

Sorry to hear that you live in Nebraska (just kidding). Yes, there are numerous mail order sources. However, I stongly discourage people from going that route (I’ve covered my reasons for this in past posts). A trip south of the border is your best bet. Since such a trip isn’t really practical for you, about the only other option is to find a local “supplier.”

Many of the same techniques in the two “Getting the Gear” articles will work for getting Clomid. Check previous issues tab at t-mag.