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Hey guys, just wanted to tap into your brains for some info. How much clomid can a male body utilize at once? How long should I wait between dosages? My stats are 6’1" 228p, and 15-18% bf.

I appreciate any help you can give, thanks.

Could you please rephrase your question?

E-Machine, If I want to bump up the little guys after a cycle, how many mgs of clomid can I take at once. Do I need to ramp up, or can I start with a high amount. Also, how much will I need, and for how long. I would be using this for pct of an 8 week deca/winny cycle. 50mgs winny ED, and 300mgs deca Every sunday. What do you think?

What you are talking about is very confusing.
3 weeks after your last injection, take 300mg clomid day 1, 100mg clomid day 2, and then 3-4 weeks at 50mg.
That’s it.


I think he wants to know if he shoult take all 300 Mg at once or spread it out during the day.

archaic gave you proper advice. follow his dosing and all should be fine. dont be afraid to run the clomid several months if needed. as for the maximum dosage just let me say this. dont take 1000mgs/ed thinking that you will be recovered in 3 days. it doesnt work like that. your boys need to be gently nudged towards recovery. that is what clomid does. it take time.

Thanks guys, thats all I needed to know. Regarding what Moose said though. I imagine that I spread the large dosages out throughout the day. Yes?


It probably doesn’t really matter, though.