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Do you think clomid would be neccessary or overkill to take after a three week cycle of Mag-10?

Overkill but it can’t hurt you. Personally, I don’t think you need more than Tribex and M and many don’t even need that.

I really dont see how that would be overkill…in fact, if you have access to clomid, id definitly recommend you use it instead of or in addition to tribex/M.

how is it overkill? i mean there are basically no long term sides besides a few annoyances like blurred night vision in some people. and its cheaper than dirt. why not use it if you think you may be supressed in any way?

It is “overkill” when you likely don’t require it to achieve the baseline from whence you started. However, there is nothing wrong with taking it.

The only overkill would be if you were taking M and Tribex and Clomid, it would still only be a waste of money perhaps.