Does clomid help maintain natural T production during dieting? Whats the average cost? How does it compare, cost to effectiveness, to supplements like Tribex? What kind of prescription is needed, and can I get it from a vet?

Read the article called “Your Doctor, Your Dealer”. And it’s a fertility drug for human females so the vet ain’t gonna have it. Good job on the research, though!!! :wink:

I don’t know about the diet thing, but I think clomid would work regardless. I have personally bought generic clomid in Mexico for $25 for a bottle of 100 tabs.

In individuals with normal testosterone and
who aren’t endurance athletes, Clomid gives
little if any performance enhancing effect.

It might have a little value helping dieting:
I did have that impression but not enough so to consider it proven. It would make sense: Clomid is also an antiestrogen in fat tissue.

You need a 'script to get it WITHIN the US. But,you can order a 90 day supply(legally) from overseas. I get mine from Canada. Search,baby,search

Logan I think you are incorrect with overseas ordering policies. When ordering from foreign pharmacies you are still required to have a prescription from a US doctor and then can order a 90 day supply. There is no way the US and FDA would allow US citizens to start playing doctor and letting anyone prescribe and order themselves anything they want without a doctors approval. The truth of the matter is that although you do need a prescription for the medications ordered from abroad you will probably never get caught or in trouble since it is not likely customs will care considering your ordering something petty like clomid. I believe the overseas ordering policies were developed to allow citizens with prescriptions to purchase their meds at alternative prices.

Depending on the size of the package, the way it is addressed, whether the pharmacy is known to customs, port of entry, and other factors, your package could be searched upon entry into the U.S. and detained. You then would need to produce a legitimate doctor’s prescription to get the package released. Failing to do so doesn’t get you into trouble; you just lose the cost of that particular shipment.

The above is true about unscheduled drugs, which I believe includes Clomid. Scheduled drugs, like steroids or painkillers, can get you into bigtime trouble.

I’ve read some “smart drug” publications that estimate that there is about a 1 in 10 chance of a package being detained. Smaller packages are definitely more likely to make it through. Experienced shippers will throw away the boxes and just ship the foil packs for this reason.

There’s a book on legally importing drugs that I imagine Amazon carries.