Does Clomid induce extra testosterone production in a non-juiced person? Or is it effective only in normalising testosterone production after a cycle?

It will work on a “non juicer”

In the case of non-juicers with low testosterone, it will help athletic performance, and is particularly helpful to endurance athletes (perhaps also because it
has a second activity in reducing damage to muscle cells.) In the case of natural athletes
with normal testosterone, medical results
indicate T is raised but I don’t know anyone
who has claimed great ergogenic benefit where
they had good T levels in the first place. I wouldn’t rule out it may be of some value there, but if it is, it isn’t dramatic.

Clomid seems to be a miracle drug if it does everything people claim. Why hasnt the medical community taken notice? What are the adverse effects people have noticed, if any?

The medical community is primarily interested with correcting or treating clinically observable disease states, or clear-cut medical problems with quantifiable outcomes.

“Quality of life” drugs that aren’t being
taken for the purpose of correcting something
clinically wrong simply have never been a focus of the American medical profession.

Also, the cases of the endurance athlete with
low testosterone, or the anabolic steroid
user recovering from a self-administered
cycle, are either not common or not something
most doctors are interested in treating.

Nor are they interested in prescribing a drug
for the sake of producing bigger cumshots.

Now, the mood-altering effects of Clomid, causing some men to become more empathic
in a way that can be beneficial to relationships, is something that ought to be
looked at and could be quite valuable. However I do not believe psychologists are aware of this fairly common effect of Clomid. And of
course it doesn’t work in that regard, or
is an adverse effect (giving “PMS”) in other men, so it’s not a general purpose cure-all
there by any means.

It’s also open to question whether it is suitable for long terms use over a period of many years – a period of one year has been studied and found safe. In the case of tamoxifen, a very similar drug, sometimes the body develops a resistance of sorts to the drug after many years. This doesn’t seem adverse though, it just means that the patient doesn’t benefit from the drug anymore. The same might be true of Clomid, or it might not.

The most common adverse side effect is visual
disturbances, which are generally reversible
on discontinuance of use.

When I took clomid by itself (no juice) I
noticed a little bit of a “hardening effect”
of my physique. I didn’t notice any
significant mass or strength gains. I also
noticed some increase in libido, but less than
what Tribex provides. Both clomid and Tribex
increased my seminal volume, but clomid was
more potent in that regard.