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Clomid WITH suppression

I will soon end a six week cycle of:

Tren - .75mg ED
EQ - 350mg EW
Test - 200mg EW (just to keep thr dick hard)

I have enjoyed this cycle immensely, as my goal was not alot of mass, rather some mass, some strength gains, and some fat loss. I have achieved that.

Now, post cycle. I plan on 400 mg of primo EW for 2-3 weeks. I have been advised to use the clomid with the primo as I will officially be “post cycle.” But, despite the claims, primo is - if only mildly - suppressive.

Should I use clomid for that full 2-3 weeks of primo use and then, say, another 3 weeks, or should I begin clomid AFTER my primo usage ends.

I can see using the clomid I suppose to get a jump start and to keep cortisol levels and estrogen in check. Just need a sanity check here. Thanks in advance.

I think you should use the clomid while on the primo and then for another 3-4 weeks post primo. you are using the primo to help maintain gains while trying to recover.

I agree with JT. Cy’s protocol for clomid use is 100mg per day for 8 weeks. And what I say is as long as your natural T levels continue to rise, stay on the clomid.

Ok, am I not understanding something? I know Clomid has a small HCG like effect (aside from its SERM effects) that may plump you up a tiny bit on cycle (please confirm here if you tried it). But I don’t think with a strong androgen in your blood like Primobolan (I know its mostly anabolic but its a fucking AAS!) How hyper androgenic feedback on your HPTA is going to be helped by a weak Estrogen feedback on the HPTA. That weak estrogen wont even think about stimulating LH/FSH in the presence of a real steroid, e.g. androgenic supression. Thoughts?

Twistedneck, well, boy I wish I could have said it like you. That was exactly my point - how clomid would jump start the natural production when Primo is running through your veins. As you say, it is an AAS

Hey katphan what did you gain/lose?

I gained 5.5 pounds of muscle, lost a pound and a half of fat (I am extremely lean - <10% BF), and my tone looks incredible.

Now, those are modest gains, but keep in mind:

  1. I ate probably only 500 additional calories a day while on this cycle (so, neither cutting calories nor really eating for mass)

  2. Drank (at least) 2 glasses of wine a night.

  3. Continued taking Little Elvis to Graceland.

taking clomid with primo is pointless, it will not increase your natural test while you’re still supressing it. Primo isn’t very supressive compared to other steriods (except maybe anavar), but it is still supressive to a degree

JonP, i cannot agree with you more in fact I did some research a while back on whether Var suppresses the HPTA and found research which indicates that as little as 15 mg of Var per day reduced natural testosterone production by 40% + in just 5 days.

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