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Clomid With Short Cycle?

Read a lot on this forum about short cycles and plan to try one after Christmas (Deca + D/bol) for 4 weeks.

Do you still need to run Clomid after such a short cycle?

(The amounts planned are 400mg Deca & 30mg D/bol per day)


PS/ I know a lot of people are now saying use EQ instead of Deca, but I already bought it so have to use it.

No way you can do a short cycle with deca (or eq). You need to rethink this. By the time you go off it will just be kicking in and then you will be tapering down in your blood levels for 3 or 4 weeks all the while being shut down on your test production. This is a disaster. Think Test Prop and d bol.

Well shit you already bought the deca, then plan for a longer cycle. As stated above deca will benefit you in no way in a 4 weeker. Get some more gear and get back to the drawing board.


OK guys, eight weeks it is, and as suggested I’ll plan more carefully before buying anything else!

I’ll just go stand at the back of the classroom now… :wink:

Good point by the others on the characteristics of Deca. But to get back to the original question, I would say YES. Clomid should be used even after a short cycle. Even if your cycle was a 2-week blitzer, I would still suggest it. Any hormone that enters the body at any amounts WILL knock your normal hormonal levels off. Period.