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Clomid with Blast/Cruise to Raise Sperm Count?

Yo wassup boys, so check this out…

Now I got some low tea issues going on and am going to trt therapy. Quite obviously I’m not going to the do the standard refining they’d suggest at some hormone endocrinologist. They always get that shit wrong anyways from everything I’ve heard about dosing you like every other week on some cyp or enan. Fuk is wrong with these doctors, shit should be dosed at least 1x a week but every guy I’ve ever met running cycles is doing 2x for most stable serum levels. These aren’t my questions though as quite obviously I’m going to just do what every bodybuilder does when they ruin their natty test levels by pumping juice and do blast cruise. 600, 200/250. No steroids for me I’m not looking to do anything that will fuck me up just put back in my system what’s missing plus a little on the top for that extra boost.

My question here after much ado:

How much hcg should I be running while I’m doing this consistently, what should I be running the clomid at. So basically since whatever happened from what they did to me. My cum is so thin, liquidy and way more clear than its ever been. Obviously I know I have low tea and I’m seeing the side effects of a low sperm count. Now I know what I would be doing after/during a cycle if this wasn’t a fukked up situation but… I’m trying to get my bishes pregnant so I wanna bring my sperm count back. Thanks.


Sounds like you should lower your alcohol dose and frequency lol

I get the message you’re getting at here and I appreciate it but I rarely drink alcohol. Only socially. Which has been like years since really.

If you were chemically castrated then how does your dick get hard to cum? Are your “bishes” fucking you up the ass with a strap on?

The only time chemical castration is considered is when there is some significant sexual deviancy like pedophilia and even then I don’t think it can be forced on a person. The offender has to agree to it. So you have to be one sick fuck to have been offered chemical castration but it wouldn’t have had anything to do with the DEA. (Drug Enforcement Agency)
Well I guess it’s possible the DEA could have been after you for something that fell under their jurisdiction and when they caught you, you were doing something so fucked up that the courts offered you chemical castration as part of a reduced sentence. But again you would have had to be doing something so sexually deviant you are considered a public safety risk.

You have got to be one sick fuck.

If you were considered such a public safety risk then take the hint and realize the world would be better off without any traces of your DNA making it into the future gene pool.

It’s complicated and I don’t much feel like explaining it you’ll see it on tv most likely but no I’ve never touched a child. And I was the one whom crimes have been committed against. No I’ve never been pegged or ass fucked, ever, so not even going there.

I get hard like once a day now, it works but not like it used to.

Just answer the question…

You are suggesting these ppl have any decency, wasn’t the case.

What is this thread? I don’t even

It’s an expectation that the question of how to get my sperm count up using hcg and clomid while still running t thread… will be answered appropriately.

Is 500 twice weekly hcg and 30-40 clomid sounding about right? Maybe I’m off…

I read up on chemical castration. Just stop taking the treatments all they are are ways to block androgens so your desire goes to nothing. If you are taking something to block the androgens then I don’t see how all the synthetic test in the world will do any good in regards to a functioning dick or even as a way to run a cycle. Although what I read did not specify if the blocking was localized or body wide. Plus if a government agency is forcing this on you I would assume they run blood work and if your taking test, HCG and Clomid to counteract the treatments I am fairly sure the tests they run would show some part of that.

This wasn’t a stereotypical pharmaceutical delivery man this was some off the shelf research chemical I was given in Denver and again in Pittsburgh. Immediately after taking it I started getting fewer and fewer erections and having low sperm count. I’ve taken a blood test for low testosterone and it is in fact low very low. This was some heavy shit and I did nothing to deserve this. Truth is I didn’t much appreciate your negativity, I have very powerful enemies and what happened to me was horrible. Whatever the case may be? I don’t need anything other than suggested dosing advice for clomiphene and gonadotropin. I’m prolly just going to do the 500x2 and 30-40 if I hear nothing to the contrary like I’d do standard. It’s been a long time since this happened and while it’s sort of got better since I was initially given this stuff. Lemme guess, you searched on google? Figures that’s the same line of bull shit people associated with them tried giving me.