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I am having trouble locating any clomid as of yet. I researched and found that while tribex is capable of raising T levels, it isn’t so great at counteracting suppression. If tribex is taken the whole time during a cycle at 6 a day and then is increased to 8 a day at the end of the cycle, is it possible that you can maintain a normal level of T during and after a cycle? Is this a good alternative to clomid?

Helluva good question. I’d like to know, too.

I doubt it. I’m doing my first cycle in two weeks and I’m using 50mg Clomid EOD throughout and 2 weeks post. Since I have 2 extra bottles of Tribex lying around, I’ll throw them in the mix for my post-cycle. If you can get your hands on some gear you should be able to get some Clomid. Its cheap too. Good luck

No matter how much you take of Clomid while on a cycle that causes suppression it can’t cause the HPTA axis release LH,also it’ll stop estrogen suppression making recovery easier,But it is a good estrogen blocker…Only take the Tribex once your natural production starts up again…VooDooChile