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clomid vs. nolvadex pct

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted. Hope everyone is well. I am not a newbie, and pretty much know the answer to this question. I have ALWAYS used clomid post cycle for recovery. He is getting information from someone saying that Nolvadex is far superior to Clomid for PCT. I was even pretty sure that all studies done on PCT were done with Clomid, not Nolvadex. Can you all please post your opinions as I know there are alot of experienced vets on the board. I appreciate it, and my friend will be steered in the right direction, since he has 2 friends telling him oppisote things. Thanks.

Okay, I’m not going through the effort of posting this answer yet again.

Go down a few threads and find one entitled “nolva” and read that.

Or do a search for clomid vs nolva, that was a few weeks back and we discussed this very issue.