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Clomid vs. Nolva: Which is a Better PCT?

I am getting ready to run a D-bol / Test-e 10 week total cycle. 4 weeks of D-bol at 30mg and 500mg for 10 weeks of test-e. I was reading and have found that Clomid and Nolva are both good PCT’s in the own rights. What would be the best for this cycle. I would be waiting 2 weeks after last injection and then running the PCT of choice for 4 weeks. What one would you guys say to use and what would be a good dose.

Thanks again for the help. If you want stats and more info on the cycle you can check out my thread post “D-bol / Test-e Cycle”. Please help with any advice you have. Could use some feed back on my cycle thread also.

Nolva hands down at 40/40/20/20 mg

I have tried both, and I must say that I certainly prefer nolva over clomid.

Clomid made me very emotional, and I read that William L. concluded in his research that it raises SHBG.

Thanks Guys. I will be doing the Nolva 40/40/20/20. Check out my tread on “D-bol / Test-e Cycle” and leave any feed back you have. Thanks again.

I would say Nolva in your case, it does the same job just as effective and at less mg. Personally I go with an AI instead of a SERM. I like Arimidex at .25 a day. Not enough to kill your estrogen but enough to stop ANY sides associated with androgenic’s and estrogenic rebounds. I would use adex for sure then post cycle with nolva or clomid and aromasin as follows:
Nolva 40mgs daily weeks 1-2
20mgs daily weeks 3-4
Aromasin 12.5mgs eod weeks 1-4

Clomid 50mgs daily weeks 1-4
Aromasin 12.5mgs eod weeks 1-4

Either PCT will be beneficial to you and will accomplish the same results. I find clomid to be a bit cheaper.