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Clomid TRT Making Me Fat?



I've been on clomid (12,5mg EOD) + small dose arimidex (0,25mg e3d) for some time now.
My T levels when to normal and all the symptoms of low T improved... However, i gained weight, specially fat. My waist went up etc. it's definetely fat.
I didn't change anything since starting clomid. I workout the same (3x weekly strenght traning, cardio etc.), I eat the same. I keep all logged so I know that nothing really changed..
Is is possible that clomid somehow makes me fat?



I suppose it's possible. Clomiphene has been used a long time in bodybuilding and personally I never noticed such an effect, but then again I was not holding everything else constant as you are. I was using Clomiphene either as an anti-gyno agent back before anti-aromatases were affordable, or for brief PCT.

I don't recall anyone else ever sharing this impression or finding.

That said, generally people don't hold everything else constant while using Clomid, you might have have succeeded in picking up a real effect which others didn't succeed in picking up, or there could be individual variability.

So far as scientific studies to see if there could be a known mechanism, in an extremely brief search I found only two. One was irrelevant because it was an in vitro study with absolutely absurd concentrations. The second found it at more moderate concentrations to partially block the lipolytic (fat releasing) properties of estradiol, but at higher doses to itself act like estradiol and promote lipolysis.

From the latter, that suggests that in adipose tissue clomiphene is a weak estrogen, so that could, theoretically speaking, suggest an estrogen-like activity in promoting fat storage.

That said, again this is not something that's generally noticed with clomiphene, but what others experience is pretty irrelevant to your results. I'd try dropping it and see what happens.


I'm constantly on about 2500-3200 kcal on workout days.. it varied a bit if I tried to gain weight or lose it. On non workout days I eat between 1700 (when I really wanted to lose weight) or up to 2600. I'm almost never hungry. I log so I actually eat above 2000.
Past two years I've keep it steady at around 2600/2000. I'm 6.2ft so it isn't much. My workout routine has always been strength training- full body workout 3x per week + light cardio. Lifts stayed about the same. I'm also generally active.

BUT- in this one year or so I went from 185 to 202 lbs while waist went from 33.5 inches to 37.5 inches. This is crazy..none of my summer pants from last year fit. :smiley:

If I put these numbers in a calc I gained a bit more then 15 pounds of pure fat in last year! :frowning:


If E2 is elevated, you can gain fat.

Also consider that thyroid issues can do this. See the thyroid basics sticky, check your body temperatures and consider your iodine intake from iodized salt might not be adequate.


Thanks for the ansers. Checked my temperature yesterday already...before sleep it was 98f.This morning 96.8f. Yup my body temperature is low - again.
I've done IR little less then 2 years ago. That and with starting clomid helped my temperatures. But they'r down again....what the...