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Clomid Treatment

The endo gave me some clomid to see if it helps,he did not say how to use it,but should it be used along with an AI?
clomid will raise lh and fsh,then free test rises and some of it will aromatise,right?

The perfect scenario here is that clomid will help the testes work better also when clomid is discontinued? If the lh and fsh is still low after doing clomid,the problem is in the pituitary right?

Please read the HPTA restart sticky carefully. Things are not that simple. Dose is critical and guys are affected differently. During this treatment, LH/FSH should be tested, with other things, to see how the pituitary responds. Do not expect your doctor to understand the finer points at all. You need to understand the issues and advocate for yourself.

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The hpta restart seems like it could be a far worse rollercoaster mentally than going trt. But the restart protocol is the way to go if i want to figure it all out i guess,its just that the tought of potentialy more anxiety and depression is scary,panic attaks and shit…

I see the protocol says avoid clomid,go for nolvadex instead…could talk to the endo and ask for nolva and see where i go from there…i dont know yet.

What i now have gathered is,90 pcs of aromasin,100 anastrozole,80ml’s of test e,5000iu hcg.

Clomid works very well, for those who do tolerate it.

  • take care of any thyroid/iodine issues

I’ve been on Clomid since June. I was initially hesitant to go with Clomid as I wanted to inject and follow the standard protocol you’ll read about on this site. However, after getting everything dialed in, Clomid has been an excellent treatment for me. I currently take 12.5mg of Clomid EOD along with .50mg of Arimidex per week which I split into two .25mg doses and take on Mondays & Fridays.

Things that I love about my treatment plan:

1 - Most, if not all, of my negative symptoms leading me to TRT have been eliminated. I’m able to focus, workout, build muscle, have great sex with great erections, sleep, wake up, and depression is gone/in check. For the first time in a long time I feel alive, and am living with purpose.

2 - My body is producing natural T, and I have zero testicle shrinkage. In fact, my testes may have slightly increased in size, which for me is a nice shot of confidence compared to the atrophy I experienced while injecting. Some have no atrophy while injecting, however some require it may require a 2nd injection of HCG which isn’t a big deal.

3 - Swallowing a tiny pill is WAY more convenient for me than prepping syringes, injecting, disposing of needles etc.

4 - I’ve experienced zero negative side effects. Getting the does dialed in took a little trial and error, but once it was set I’ve been on cruise control. However, when injecting following a sub-optimal protocol, I experienced numerous issues such as oily skin, acne, highs & lows, E2 struggles, ED, libido loss etc. Those issues are long gone with Clomid.

5 - My HPTA system is firing on all cylinders when before treatment it was merely idling. In my opinion this is a big positive as the HPTA impacts countless other areas of the body besides just stimulating T production. I have to assume I’m positively benefiting from everything stepping up and working properly.

Things that I don’t love about my treatment:

1 - Clomid is a potent pharmaceutical chemical which directly impacts the brain. No way around it, Clomid is a drug. Some TRT is hormone identical to what the body produces and is completely natural within the human system.

2 - Clomid is an “off label” treatment for men, and there are limited studies regarding the impact the drug may have. Especially concerning is the almost complete lack of long term studies meaning I’m taking a significant risk not knowing the potential down stream issues.

3 - Finding reliable information regarding dosing, timing, side effects in forums etc., is very difficult. There are so many conflicting opinions, a lot of outdated material, as compared to TRT which seems to have pretty straight forward protocols.

Hope this helps. If you want more specifics you can check out my thread in this forum.

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Great post AZ! You are fortunate that your body and brain are responding well.

KSman: as i understand many does not tolerate it,thinking of not risking getting more down than already,but i might react well. I tend to get tons of side effects from medication/chemicals,im very sensitive to foreign substances.

azwildcats: that is great to hear,its really working good for you. i’ll check out your thread. thanks for the positive input.