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Clomid Therapy Post Cycle

So here’s he rundown of what happened.

Was running my summer cut. All was well. Gains were great. Goals achieved yada yada. Was in week 10 of 14 when I went to place an order to finish up my cycle. When my source went rogue.

Nobody got any response emails from my source. I have a few people ordering from them. Excellent source may have just had some heat on them.

Anyways needed a vial of test, mast, more HCG, and my Clomid.

Well. I was down the end and had to taper my test from 900ish a week to 600 a week then down to 300 a week and that was my last pin. Still no contact from supplier. I panicked and ordered clomid from a reputable online pharmacy.

It’s been 3 weeks since my last pin and my clomid should be here in the next week or so…

Honesty, the crash was not bad. No libido problems, no major hormonal issues and no major loss of muscle, i do look a little smaller than when I was on, but it looks more lean than anything. Fullness has faded but vascularity remains pronounced. Very odd to me. Anyways I’ve been running Aromasin since my last pin tapering down from 25mg ED to currently 12.5 E3D and will continue until I start clomid therapy.

I know I will continue to loose gains and size the longer i go cold turkey. So I’m praying I get my package soon.

I will start clomid at

50mg ED 1-2
25mg ED 3-6
25mg EOD for a few months until i decide that I have stabled out and I’m ready to cycle again.


Does anyone have any advice or ideas to get me back up and running quicker or safer, or am I on the right track?

EDIT*** after the fact and ordering my package. I did send a fake “order email” to my supplier and finally got a response. Obviously i didn’t order it because I had already ordered my Clomid and was already 2 weeks off of hormones. So good news is I think I still have my supplier.