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Clomid Therapy Current Lab Results


Hello everyone, new to the site.

Several months ago I had lab work done because I was having some low t symptoms. Come to find out my total testosterone level was 250. (300-1080) Free T: 50 (47-244). SHBG: 20 (11-80) Estradiol 20. LH: 3.0

My doctor put me on 25mg of clomid everyday with anastrozole twice a week. After a month my Total Testosterone: 600. Free T: 128 SHBG: 27 Estradiol: 24

I then continued with this dosage for several months and recently went for more lab work.
Total Testosterone: 500. Free T:100 SHBG: 29 Estradiol 19. LH 7.0

I would like to be in the optimal range (800-1000). I’m not sure what the doctor will have me do next? I would like to talk to him more about going on TRT. I don’t think Clomid will get me to these levels? Or if clomid is even an option for long term use? I have heard mixed reviews with clomid. I was wondering what you guys thought and what I should do?


first of all you have to answer this.
you chasing peak levels or you don’t feel ok with 500-600?


The main factor is how you feel, 500 or 700 will not make a difference. How much relief have you found from the protocol? Some men don’t feel difference with clomid and some are mixed hypogonadal so T levels don’t recover. If you feel well, 500 or 700 won’t make a difference so i would recommend not chasing numbers and if you feel well without injections it’s for the best.


I feel better at 500 then I did at 250. I didn’t feel much better or worse between 500-600. I just want to feel the best I can. So if @ 800 I can feel better then I’m at now then I would like to be in that range.


I feel pretty good! Better then before treatment. I have no know side effects from the clomid. I’m also wondering if this treatment can be long term or not? I have read mixed reviews. Also stating that once discontinued levels will drop.


I’m not even close to being an expert but with clomid I believe the dreams is to restart your hpta and then get off everything. Trt sounds nice on some posts but I believe after a month of reading every forum I could get into that the long term trt dudes would take 600 t levels without needing testosterone and be pretty damn happy.


Depends mostly on your age from what I have seen. You have a shot at a restart if you are under 30 IMHO. Over 30, it’s a bit more dicey.

From a study I have read on one of the clomid isomers the systemic response is dose dependent, BUT you do run risks of desensitization and side effects. You are already at 25mg/day which tends to be a pretty good dose.

I’m pretty damn happy at T of 575 with a 12.5mg/day dose. I’m resisting my natural inclination to chase numbers (more is better!).

Consider what you have and the risks of changing it. There are plenty of people burning up the chat boards complaining about side effects of clomid, if you up the dose, you could be one of them…

Or you could inject T and HCG and be able to finely tune your levels…


How long have you been on clomid? Do you plan on tampering down completely or are you doing it long term?


I’m 39 and have been on it about 2 months. In my situation, I think I have been secondary hypogonadism for all or most of my life. I really doubt a restart would work in my case. I’m pretty much on SERM + AI for the rest of my life or until I go primary.

If you want the blow-by-blow, you can read about it in my thread…