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Clomid Standalone Cycle?

Hi guys!
I hope I put the question in the right category.

For a healthy person, it could be useful to increase performance in the gym and gain muscle to do a cycle (14week) of clomid only at 25mg / day + a low dose of aromasin (12.5 / 25mg per week) to counter the aromatization and lower shbg?
Can it make sense or not?

This isn’t a good idea. You might get your test up a bit, but SHBG goes up with clomid for most people. Even with that, you are unlikely to get past 1200 ng/dL serum levels. Clomid comes with sides as well. Risk vs reward is not good with this one compared to a test cycle.

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If it worked well then we wouldn’t be shooting Chinese bathtub chemicals into our bodies.


It seems you got really good results out of it. I think it may be hard to get noticeable results in the timeframe of a cycle (likely depends on a few factors like how developed you are, what are your normal test numbers, etc). With exogenous test, you might be at 3000-4000 ng/dL. I think a big change is needed to see much in a short time frame for most people.

FWIW, I know a guy who did clomid monotherapy for about a year. He had a TT of about 300 ng/dL before starting and clomid got him to about 950 ng/dL. Pretty good improvement, and he felt better. However, his body only changed slightly over the year (and he was lifting regularly). The first 12 weeks, I don’t think he noticed much of any change.

I would have to disagree with the other guys.
Clomiphene can “work”, especially if your levels are on the low side.
Fighters etc that get popped for clomid aren’t always taking it for PCT.

Try it and see what happens, but keep in mind of sides - consult your endo or doc and use pharma grade clomid. Maybe keep an AI on hand, even though that might make some of the TRT “guys” on this site come cry about how toxic it is :smiley:

Edit: If you are after serious gains/goals, use test…