Clomid Side Effects - How Long Does It Last?

Looking for some help/input from others. My T was down to 260, so my doctor convinced me to try Clomid (25mg 1x daily).

I started it about a month ago. After a few days, I noticed I was a little dizzy. Later, I realized it feels like I have a weird pressure in between my eyes. It’s very very mild…more of a sensation. But definitely dizzy (bad at times not as bad others), and I’m sensitive to bright light. I’ve had to turn my computer monitor brightness down by about 10%.

Now, it’s also cedar season. I have horrible allergies, but I’ve never had whatever this is. I have no congestion… Breathing fine… no headaches.

What I’m looking for is whether this is something Clomid has done to others or not. Allergies aren’t new to me… The Clomid is.

But this “dizziness” is almost disabling me. It’s something with my vision… But my vision is clear.

I stopped taking the Clomid almost 2 weeks ago, and it’s not getting any better. I’m at my wits end.

Clomid has a fairly long half life. You’re looking at about 4-6 weeks to clear your system.

These symptoms won’t go away, if anything they continue or will get worse. Clomid has the worst side effects profile of any drug I know of.

My advice, never take a drug your doctor prescribes without researching side effets before taking it.

Clomid causes vision problems, visual disturbances. Clomid can cause prolonged visual disturbances, and may cause irreversible changes. Clomid also blocks estrogen in the brain, heart, pancreas and the liver.

Clomid isn’t a long term solution.

Systemlord, you’re going off the rails again. Statements like this damage any credibility you may have. Think about what you said. You told him his symptoms will not go away. How do you know? Are you saying everyone you know who used clomid and experienced side effects was doomed to have the symptoms for the rest of their life?

At least you qualified another misleading statement with “I know of.” You must not be familiar with many drugs then.

What about a guy who researches clomid and wants to use it? What then?

Other than irreversible changes, you’re good here. I prefer to not use clomid, but some guys make that choice and, for the most part, get good results. Of course, there have been adverse effects for some. In every case, they resolved over time. Hang in there @42andHolding.


If he stays on clomid, his symptoms will continue.

Nobody said anything about staying on clomid.

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Yeah I know. I just started my reply and was interrupted and had to go, I couldn’t finish my post and never made it to the last sentence at the bottom.

That’s why it came across the way it did.