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Clomid Shelf Life?

Anyone have any idea how long clomiphene pills will last outside of the blister stored in a safety top Rx bottle? The bottle was kept in a dark, cool(if not outright cold), dry place. Thanks

a loooonnnnggg time mate, don’t worry

Thanks mate, >1 1/2 years you think?

[quote]RowsUpright wrote:
Thanks mate, >1 1/2 years you think?[/quote]

yeah probably. If you’re worried though just buy more. It’s not expensive.

clomid is powerful stuff. even if it did lose a few % of it’s original potency it will still get the job done. I doubt you would notice. I took one dose once, one dose, and my nuts like doubled in size overnight. I was so horny, my orgasms were like turning on a fire hose. I was just dowsing bitches in semen. Like a one man bukake. Girl looked like she was crying semen or something, it was all over her like that slime ghost from ghost busters.