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Clomid Results After 3 Weeks

Hi, I am on 12,5mg clomid daily for low testosterone.
Age 35, last 5 years I am using 150mg levothyroxine daily for Hypothyroidism.
Before Clomid, my testosterone was 250ng/dl ,range 300-1100ng/dl.
No other results.

After 3 weeks on Clomid:
Testosterone: 20,25 range 8,64-29 nmol/l.
LH 8,91 range 1,5-9,3 IU/I.
FSH 6,7 range unknown.
Estradiol 199 range 0-147pmol/l
Free test. 44,2 range 35-92,6%
SHGB 45,8 range 17,3-65,8nmol/l

Pros on Clomdid: My muscle are much stronger and bigger, better results in gym, more energy.
Cons on Clomid: Anxiety(very bad before sleeping), panic attacks, sometimes insomnia, lower libido, lower sperm load.

So I have few questions:
Is LH,FSH,SHGB and Free T. in good range ?
Obviously my Estradiol is too high, so should I add aromasin ? Or something else ?
Sorry for my english.
Thank you.

Most of your symptoms would be relieved with a lower e2 value.

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But how to lower e2 value ?

Ask your doc for anastrozole! It’s an aromatase inhibitor. This will help you get your e2 to a more suitable range.

Why are you asking whether it looks in good range. Results on SERMs should be judged by how one feels on them. How you feel can only be described or judged by you. Many see their numbers go up with SERMs or even anastrozole only but don’t feel better or some even feel worse. So that’s a choice you need to make.

Looking at numbers, fT and BAT is still very low and E2 is obviously high. You should control E2 now with anastrozole and see how you feel, if good then no need to look at numbers if not, you can look for things in the bloodwork. But your T increase has not been good, TT is misleading as SHBG is high.

How were your numbers before clomid?

E2 is very high because LH is too high creating high T–>E2 inside the testes. Reduce clomid to 12.5 mg EOD every other day.

Target E2 is E2=80pmol/L

High LH may desensitize your LH receptors, a huge step in the wrong direction.

Note that Arimidex/anastrozole does not work to reduce T–>E2 inside the testes. Effect of aromasin not known.

Doctors rarely understand this.

After 3 weeks, your testes are still recovering form and function. Let things play out and test after 6 weeks to see the full story.

Some guys feel horrible with clomid, most do not have side effects. Nolvadex does not have those sides. Docs don’t know that either.

You may be feeling bad because of the very high E2.

We can look at your labs in a few weeks.

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Your English is great!