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Clomid Restart with Labs

Hello all,

25 yo here

I recently was on TRT for 5 months and decided to come off and try a Clomid restart since I am so young. If you are familiar with my previous posts you already know a bit of my back story…

I ran Clomid for 4 weeks and tapered off. I have since been off of Clomid for 6 weeks so all Clomid should be out of my system.

I did labs 3 days ago and these were the results

Total Testosterone 456 (250-827)
SHBG 32 (10-50)
Albumin 4.7 (3.6-5.1)
Estrogen 31 (<=39)
TSH 0.97
T4 8.8 (4.9-10.5)
Prolactin 4.8 (2-18)

Before starting trt for 5 months my testosterone was 382ng/dL on the same scale so it appears my Clomid restart was a success and my levels are a little higher now.

In addition I have been supplementing with vitamins as I have always had a poor diet.

Overall I feel great morning wood ecery day, good energy, and sex drive is there. Me and the lady are having sex 3 times a day sometimes… much better than I was feeling when I was on TRT.

Couple of questions:

  1. What do you think of the labs and the restart?
  2. Do some people feel better with slightly lower natural test levels/and or can mid 400s be a normal And nautically found level for someone who is 25? 456 is not super low but also not high or what most consider ideal but I feel good nonetheless

This is not the case, clomid can be detected in the urine 6 weeks after stopping. Your basically realing the effects from having higher testosterone for those 4 weeks and when your body starts adapting to these lower levels, decline is inevitable.

I fully expect your levels to return to baseline in due time once the clomid is completely out of your system, your already very close to pre-treatment levels.

@systemlord maybe so but clomid has a half life of 5 days and I tapered off of the Clomid as well. Based on the drugs half life and the small dosage I ran 6 weeks should be plenty of time for the drug to be eliminated from my system. Also detection time in urine and actual drug uptake are very different. Metabolites of many medications can be detected in urine or feces for much longer than the actual working life of the drug.

For what it’s worth I stopped taking the Clomid 4/9 (7 weeks ago) and at the point that I stopped taking it I was running 12.5 mg M/W/F for the two weeks prior to taper off which is a very low dose

Just because the drug is out of your system doesn’t mean your body has had a chance to adjust, the effects of these drugs last longer. I was on Clonazepam years ago and stopped it and even though the drug was out of my system, my body was in chaos attempting to function without the drug present in my system for more than a year.

So just because the drugs half-life has expired doesn’t mean the effects are completely gone, otherwise your testosterone wouldn’t be slightly higher than baseline. Also a lot of guys previously on clomid don’t see a return to baseline levels for months.

If you fail to correct the cause of your low-T assuming it’s even possible, with most guys it’s not, your levels will decline. I always expect the worst but hope for the best, this way you don’t set yourself up for disappointment.

I know it’s been awhile since I’ve posted here but being 25 years old, we were thinking the lower testosterone levels could likely be caused by malnutrition. I have the worst diet, and have not eaten a single vegetable my entire life… I am deficient in zinc, mag and vitamin D. To correct those deficiencies I have been supppementing with vitamins. It’s very possible being my age that since my nutrition deficiencies are corrected that my testosterone is now able to be higher. I am fairly confident 450-500 is where I will be naturally sitting without external help. I will retest in 4 weeks to test it out and see what my levels are. But the important thing is I feel amazing

Also Clomid blocks the estrogen from being seen by the pituitary thus increasing lh release. Lh is pulsatile and short acting. Although it’s possible 7 weeks after stopping Clomid that it is still having an “effect”. It’s very unlikely since there is no possibility that the feedback loop is being interrupted by Clomid due to the fact that there is zero Clomid in my system to hide the estrogen from the pituitary. Most literature states 4-6 weeks post Clomid to retest for labs. It’s much more likely that any lh that is being released from my pituitary is being done by itself and under normal feedback conditions.

How you ran clomid, and how was the taper off?