Clomid Restart Protocol, Any Suggestions?

Hi everyone, I’ve been on TRT for 1.5 yrs. and am thinking about doing a restart on Clomid. For my very 1st couple months of TRT, I was actually on CLomid. The doc started me on 50mg/day for 2 weeks, and moved my dose down to 25mg/day after the 1st 2 weeks.

On those 1st 2 weeks on Clomid I felt better than I have ever since (basically completely normal again), which has never happened with injections for me. Even with all bloodwork in the appropriate ranges on 100mg/wk T-cyp + 1/8 mg/wk Anastrozole (which I’m currently on), I still feel like crap. (Total T 650 ng/dL, E2 22 ng/dL, Thyroid high enough to get my temp to 98.6 F everyday)

The problem: Between weeks 2 and 3, I crashed on the Clomid when the doc originally had me on it. My T went down after week 2 and never came back up despite trying 25-75mg/day for extended periods after the crash.

Question: By starting at a relatively high dose such as 50mg/day, is it likely that this caused my HPTA to put on the brakes? Or is that more likely that dropping down to 25 mg/day just wasn’t giving enough stimulation to the HPTA (though even 75mg/day did not work after the drop to 25mg/day)?

***In other words, considering my history, what would be an optimal protocol for a successful Clomid restart? Are there any standards out there proven to be most effective? Has anyone had a similar experience and solved it so to speak?