Clomid Restart Advice?

Hey guys. Back story: Been on TRT about 2.5 years and I’m looking to get off this rollercoaster! It has been a huge headache trying to dial in my dose and keep my e2 under control so I’m done, I figure this is just as good a time as any to come off and attempt a restart. Along with all that, the wife has gotten “baby fever” and I want to be able to make her happy and I want to feel normal again. I feel worse now on TRT than I ever did pre-TRT! I have all the low T symptoms while ON TRT. I only got on TRT because of a few prohormones cycles and I didn’t know about proper PCT (dummy I know) so I’m secondary hypogonal right? So a restart should be possible?? I’m fairly young 27 year old, low SHBG guy. I just want to feel good again!!

With all that said, I’ve been looking into Clomid for a restart. I feel pretty horrible now so don’t think Clomid can do much worse. Last bloodwork (2 weeks ago) showed TT:1035, e2:70, SHBG: 11
Think I could restart? Only comments about Clomid, not hcg or nolva. Any advice on dosage, frequency etc please let me know. Thanks!

Clomid is a shitty medication and there is a big chance you feel way worse on it. Restart should be possible. The best recommended starting dose for clomid according to some of the most progressive doctors like the famouse John Crisler(let him rest in peace) is 12.5mg EOD.

But be careful man. Comming out of TRT may make you feel worse than ever. Seems to me like your protocol is shitty. What is your TRT protocol? You cannot say TRT is bad if you have a crappy protocol. That is like trying to drive your car without gas pedal! I can bet 100 dollars from now what is the problem in your protocol. And you have shared blood work that is very incomplete. Where is the free test - the most important reading?

First share your protocol. Then it is important to make a full thyroid blood panel because the shit may be there. T4, T3, Reverse T3, TSH. Also measure prolactine.

Check carefully all of these before deciding to come off TRT. And I suggest you find a progressive doctor like Keith Nichols. He will give you best advice whether you need to come off TRT and how exactly to do it! Or he can improve your protocol so you will feel better. You should not take responsibility alone for this decision without adequate medical assistance! Also about getting your wife pregnant there are options to do it on TRT. Just contact this doctor or someone of his ability(PM me to give you other names if you like)


I tried scanning through some of your old posts and was not able to find your newer protocol. You have started multiple threads instead of sticking to one which it make harder to help as your info is spread out and not easy to find. Stick to one thread so all relative info is in one spot.

You were at once a week injections at one point, did you ever get to where you were injecting more often?

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I agree, Clomid sucks.

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@rise80 yeah sorry about the multiple threads. The situations are usually different but do tend to blend together. No still on once a week injections (was at 300mg but just recently dropped at 200mg).

Its your choice man and what you want to do, but I would highly recommend moving to at least twice a week injections. I believe you are struggling with the swings you are going through with once a week injections. If you can get your hands on it you could also try a compounded cream. That would also level you out more than what you are now. Good luck brother and wish you the best.

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You need to inject at least two times a week and maybe best EOD if you have low shbg. The difference can be from night to day.

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@rise80 thanks man I really appreciate the advice. Problem is I go to a low T clinic and they push the once a week injections so @vonko1988 I’m not sure how I would be able to do at least twice a week. I keep hearing that would be best. I am low SHBG and the clinic says that’s a good thing since I have more/high free T but my e2 is also high! I just want to feel better again, I’ve just been at home hiding from the world and haven’t been to work in 2 weeks. I need to get out of this slump and FAST! :(:frowning_face:

Why cannot learn to inject yourself?

I think there is a way to do it with small needles IM, no need to Sub Q even. A guy here said the injects every day IM with no any problem at all. He feels it like an isnulin injection.

And that is the issue, you are going to a t-mill that is pushing a cookie cutter protocol that does not work for you. Your best option then is to move to another doc. I am guessing they are making you come in so they can inject you and not allow you to self inject and that is why you can not change protocol? Just another way to collect more of your money. There is no reason you cannot self inject, diabetics do it every day.

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Yeah, the free T is used to make E2, so that kind of follows if you tend to make a lot of E2. What is the number, and was an AI tried at any point?

TRT was a rollercoaster ride because of your protocol, SHBG <12 and massive 300mg weekly injections, you never stood a chance. It was suggested daily injections and this would have yielded good results.

You’ll be back when you get tired of feeling like crap, when you do decide to revisit TRT, consider daily injections. This will eliminate the hormonal roller coaster, levels will barely fluctuate at all. I didn’t feel any fluctuations on a daily protocol.

I keep hearing about this clinic if forcing weekly injections, go somewhere else. Defy Medical another option that doesn’t force anything on patients, you get to ultimately choose what you want to do.

This clinic was just pushing product in the form of massive weekly doses without a care in the world for the patient, I don’t understand what is so hard about letting the patient decide how often he would like to inject.

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The problem with low SHBG is that it is a marker of poor health. Higher (not super high) SHBG is considered a marker for longevity. It’s an indication that you may have another physical problem that has not been addressed. @systemlord can tell you all about that with what he’s got going on right now.

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The bottom line is: Man, you need to start self-injection every day or every other day!

And you need way more blood work.

It is your decision what to do, but I think all people in the thread saw what you MUST do. Don’t be a pussy, take your fate in your own hands and don’t buy the crap of shitty a TRT clinic!

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IM in the same boat man. Im just3 years older then you and I’ve been on TRT sense I was 28. Im now trying to get off not because I have a bad protocol or anything like that. I would just like to wake up in the morning and not have to inject my self just to feel normal and I am trying to figure out what is the best protocol to get off