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Clomid Prescription

Hello all-

I got a prescription for clomid from a Urologist. He seemed pretty educated and up to speed on the T-supp field, and we tested my T four times over the last few months, including various other tests, to see what the issue was.

Question: What is the best way for a man to get clomid as cheaply as possible? I have Independence Blue Cross, but I understand medical insurance companies rarely if ever cover clomid/chlomiphene, because it’s “off label” and never approved for men by the FDA.

Is there a way to get it covered by insurance? If not, is there a good reputable website I can order from?

Thanks for any input.

Insurance covers off label use all the time…why dont you call them and ask them what the price will be?

I’m getting conflicting answers. Comcast has an outside contractor consultant company that answers our health insurance questions, and they said it’s only $10 a month for a prescription. My doctor’s assistant said it was much more than that, however. Is there a way he should word the prescription to get the best price?

Best option would be to write it for 1 mg/day, since most companies will only cover a 30 day supply at a time. This will be enough to last you over half a year if taking 1 mg/week.

Pleasant surprise:

My insurance covers it, for only $10 a month. I won’t hold my breath how long this will last, but I’ll enjoy it for now. I’m doing a three month trial prescription to see how I feel.

Here are my test results and my stats, if anyone cares to contribute any input:

Me: 41, active and athletic. 6’1", 220lbs. Been following Wendler 5-3-1 for two years now with good results, bench is 300lbs and squatting 350lbs. I squatted 250lbs x 20 last week, and overall feel strong. Play competitive flag football on Sundays. However, lately my strength and sex drive have been dipping, I feel tired in the morning, so I had my testosterone tested.

Here are my results:

3/16/12: Testosterone was 156. Was measured at 4pm in the afternoon, so we threw that result out.

5/16/12: tested again after trying to get better sleep and eating better. Testosterone was 260. 9am.


Testosterone 302.
Free Testosterone: 12.8.
TSH: 3.56.
LH: 5.0.
Prolactin: 11.6.
Cortisol: 15.3.

7/3/12 (final test):

Testosterone 237.
SHBG: 14.1.
Alb: 4.6.
cBioT: 163.
E2: 6.0.
LH: 7.1.

Again, thanks for any input. I started Clomid last night, 50mg dose every other day. I will update my progress and overall thoughts over the next few months.

With your LH as high as it is already, I doubt clomid is going to work for you. You appear to be primary hypogonadal.

I agree, and the doctor said as much. He thought my LH had fluctuated enough we could try clomid, but he said I was in the “grey area” where it may not work, hence a 3 month trial. We’ll see.

Just a thought if dosing 50mg eod you could split it and take 25mg ed.

Are you able to give any info on what kind of insurance gives that coverage? HMO? PPO? BCBS? That’s promising news - and good luck with the trial run.

Independence Blue Cross PPO.

Woke up with morning wood, which has been rare. Not sure if it’s the clomid, but the gf was happy. So I got that going for me, which is nice.

haha thats a good start!

Getting blood tested on Monday to evaluate clomid after two weeks, I will update the forum then. Right now I have not felt much thus far.

Blood tested after three weeks on Clomiphene Citrate (clomid). Generally positive results, so my doctor renewed for three months. I’ll blood test in November.

Results from 8/1/12 at 830am (LabCorp):

Testosterone: 435 (Prior tests were 156, 260, 302).
SHBG: 16.2.
Alb: 4.5.

cBioT: 298 ng/dl

E2: 27.4.

Ratio GOOD.

LH: 6.1.
FSH: 8.7.
PSA: .6
Hct: 44.9
Hgb: 15.5

Any input is appreciated. In general, I definitely feel better, not worse, lately. My bench increased dramatically this month in particular.

Just curious…

How is your energy? Do you feel tired a lot and does the Clomid help you with this? how long did it take?

I’m an odd duck, because for whatever reason I did not exhibit many low T symptoms. My energy has always been high- I play flag football, lead the team in catches, and have followed Wendler for two years now. The biggest difference I notice in the first three weeks is I think more clearly and seem more focused. In the gym, I’m more intense and my lifts definitely went up. I’ll keep you in the loop.

Well it sounds like your symptoms are improving, so I would say your treatment is being successful. Keep an eye on it.

Also would be helpful if you went back and edited your post to include the lab ranges. I can’t remember where the cut off is for HGB/HCT, etc.


Got new test results today. After three months I have definitely gone UP with testosterone. Still not incredibly high, but I might just count my blessings and keep this Clomid prescription up.

Clomid: 50mg every other day
T: 489 (past results are 156, 260, 302, 237, 435 and now 489, in that order)
E2: 29.9
LH: 7.9
FSH: 8.7
Cortisol: 27.6 (this seems high, I’m in a nasty divorce and raising 3 boys on my own, could be the cause)
PSA: .6
Hgb: 15.7

Overall, I feel good. Decent sex drive, I get erections with no assistance, and my strength in the gym has increased in the last few months.

Any input on the test results is appreciated. I am talking to my urologist later on this week.

Any thoughts? My only debate at this point is if I should be asking for something besides Clomid to push my T above 600-700? I’m not sure what other options are available. My clomid is only $10 a month, which is certainly nice. Thanks for any input.

We do not know anything about you other than the above. Please read the advice for new guys sticky and come back with info and ALL lab results.

Your progress is great. You may need fish oil, B-complex multivits and high dose Vit-D3 to progress. Basic state of metabolism is the foundation. Perhaps DHEA. If you have DHEA-S labs, please post.

To repeat my self: Some have a horrible experience with clomid as it is am estrogenic molecule that has estrogenic effects for some. Nolvadex has the same beneficial results, but not those negatives for those so affected. Clomid was the first born and has all of the baby pictures and clinical studies. When the next SERM came alone, there was no research need to prove what a SERM does. But now we have the medical establishment referring to clomid [rut] that has profound negative effects for some. For those few, it is like taking estrogens.

Great to see you progressing well.

Clomid is cheap for you. T+AI+hCG will not be so. Perhaps T+SERM+AI would be good, considering your current response. Add 1/2 mg per week. But to get TT=900-1000, you would need to be injecting T as T+AI+hCG or T+AI+SERM and that will not be as $$$ friendly.

I really felt a mid-source correction from E2=28–>E2=22.

From the stickies, you will see that E2 management can be the major success factor.

Note that all SERMs increase E2 levels. SERM+anastrozole would be better. SERMs only protect ‘selected’ tissues from the adverse effects of estrogens in males.

T+SERM+AI is not an option for all. If the pituitary is not responding well to a SERM, LH levels are inadequate. And in older guys, if LH is there, there can be a level of primary hypogonadism that makes the T response inadequate. Your age would be very helpful in this regard.

So there may be some options, offset by a life time of injections. That seems great at first, but may become a choir later on.