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Clomid PCT Protocol?

Hello guys, so i took Test Cyp I.M for 7 weeks. 150mg weekly, splitted to thirds at start and 200mg near at the end splitted to 100mg twice a week. With 250iu HCG every other day. I now quit HCG and Test last week.

Now, i am going to take Clomid for like 4 weeks. A person i trust recommended me 25mg every 3 days, said that this is the most efficient and safe way to take it.

I have used Tamoxifen in the past with no increase on my LH levels so that’s why i switched to Clomid. I wanna kickstart my HPTA for the goood.

Is 25mg Clomid for every 3 days is a good protocol for PCT?

Not really, no. But if that’s what you have then that’s what you have.

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I mean i have more pills that i can use, what would be your advice for a better PCT?

Unless the person is a doctor you are probably better doing the research and trusting yourself IMO.

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No, I’d take it daily for a restart

Wouldn’t that cause a faster accumulation of Zuclomiphene isomer in Clomid, with high E2 side effects?

Im just kinda scared that 25mg daily would be too much? There are many different studies on different dosages about Hypogonadism and Clomid, im kinda confused.

My balls didn’t shrink due to my HCG usage they look fine. But my numbness has increased on my genitals. I now can’t even feel my erections or control my pelvic floor muscles or that i can’t feel the existence of my testicles. It wasn’t better before, but it was a tad better before TRT.
Im all numb down there but with big hope.

Honest answer? If you didn’t want to deal with the absolute dogshit drug zuclomiphene then you should have bought enclomiphene instead. It’s superior in every way. But since you’ve got an inferior product you still should take it at the rate that has been proven effective, which is 25mg/d.

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I know about Enclomiphene. I just couldn’t order it due to customs over here. Besides, it is hard to get a good source. I remember i bought one from India pharma last year and it never got here. The other liquid stuff on google, i don’t trust.

Could you share studies about this please? Thanks.

Btw, i also have Tamoxifen in hand, but i used it before solo and it didn’t increase my LH and FSH at all! I have also read a post about how Clomid being a better drug for HPTA restart in comparison to Tamoxifen here.

Dunno. You want a faster accumulation of medication tho, and I haven’t seen many restarts from TRT or AAS at that low of a dose. But only way to know is to try it and see

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You could ask 1000 guys that have used this med as PCT and get better answers. Not everything is in a study …

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Then you didn’t use tamoxifen. It might have been labeled as such, but my guess is that it was some inert filler. Because I have never once heard of someone who is a total non-responder to that drug. I’m not saying it’s impossible, but the balance of probabilities say that you took something that was not what it purported to be.

As far as Clomid vs tamoxifen it’s not even a real comparison. Side effects of Clomid are worse and on a mg to mg basis it’s significantly weaker and less effective. How could it not be? ~42% of the drug does literally the opposite of what you want it to do. The only reason it works at all is the enclomiphene component. The zuclomiphene actively works against HTPA restart.

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Oh well, it is on my Post Accutane thread.

It did increase my TT and E2 but my LH didn’t increase which is weird. My E2 was 66 from 30 and TT was 638 from 480’s. And i bought that Tamox from pharmacy…

Yeah that Zuclomiphene is an issue. So, what should i do? Try Tamox again instead? Do you have any legit source for Enclomiphene in EU?

Will i still be ok with 25mg Clomid eod r E3d?

I may switch to 25mg eod but for now i will go every 3 days. Because Dr. Mark Gordon talked about this on podcasts. He says Clomid is most effective when it is taken every 3 days. That guy also treats PFS cases and he is a great Dr. So…