Clomid or Nolvadex?

Which one should i have on hand before starting any cycle where im using Test Prop?? I want to have anything i need ready just in case before i do anything. which would you choose and why? Thank you


Heard clomid will give you gyno?

[quote]Mike T. wrote:
Heard clomid will give you gyno?[/quote]

You should stop listening to morons

[quote]VTBalla34 wrote:

[quote]Mike T. wrote:
Heard clomid will give you gyno?[/quote]

You should stop listening to morons[/quote]

After so many years you learn to tune them out…with very loud Metallica jam sessions! >=O

It was an article i read about old school BBers and clomid. I’m not planning on doin anything like that anytime soon, just seen clomid on the front page forums and figured i would check it out. ( considering i had recently seen the article)
One reason why there was a question mark after my comment. Something i “heard”/read, and with no personal experience i didn’t want to give the impression that i actually knew this.

*Metallica always drowns out morons, i thought that was something you didn’t have to learn, something that was just natural? :wink:

Ohh, not to pry but i checked out your profile to see if that was you in your avi. I assumed it was, considering there were no others pictures.
checked out the Winny V and Testosterone!!! post and looking at your size you should not be going on a cycle any time soon. How old are you?

It’s not when you’re bulking up with mega doses of anabolic agents that you develop that refined, angular look that everyone wants but almost no one can achieve. It’s only when you’re one step above your natural anabolic state that you really refine your physique.

Just giving my opinion, your natural ability will allow you to get so much bigger, you just need patience.
If you start a cycle at this stage you will have to do more when you actually could use it.
It’s something to take you into pro level. Are you an amateur, and taking winny V will bump you up to a pro status? Or make you atleast look like a top level amateur? From your Avi, i doubt it…

Food for thought.
-Stay Strong