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Clomid or HCG for Testes Shrinking?

Age 31 have one kid now on trt due to low t so its been 2months im on 50mg twice a week low shbg and high estrogen low libido so i want to reduce my estrogen and want my testi back to normal size and healthy so whats the best choice clomid or hcg and what protocol

If you’re already having problems controlling estrogen and want to add HCG or clomid, without an AI you’ll have even more problems with estrogen.

If you truly want to lower estrogen without the need for an AI, inject smaller more frequent doses of T. It’s why I inject 20mg EOD, there is even a young man injecting 20mg Nebido daily and seeing good results.

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Would you post lab results?

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My dates are 2 weeks away then i post my fresh results pervious results are
TT 400 low borderline
E2 55 high
Shbg 19 low borderline
After this test i change my protocol to 2week for one shot to every 3.5 days twice a week 50mg so now finger cross to blood work

Note. My eractions are mild and very very low libido

Dear for AI in here i only have letrozole available so can i go for it or not i heard its have more side effects then anastrozole